The friendship between Mike Dallas and Tristan Milligan started since they both were on the basketball team although in Season 12 they were on bad terms. 

Friendship History

Season 12

Even though these two didn't interact the two were on bad terms due to Tristan's homosexuality.

Season 13

In Everything You've Done Wrong, Dallas confronts Tristan at his locker about the drugs he's been handing out to the team and tells him that there's going to be random drug tests and that if none of the players pass, it would be a huge problem. However, Tristan later confirms to Dallas that the "steroids" he handed out were not real. In the locker room, Dallas watches Tristan's plan in action as he tells the team about the drug test and that the pills he gives him will flush out the "steroids" out of their system. Dallas then tells Tristan that, while he might not be as good of an athlete as his older brother, he's definitely smarter before leaving. 

In Unbelievable, they are all in the gym room and thinking of a way for Miles Hollingsworth III to win Maya Matlin back.


  • Dallas was friends and teammates with Tristan's brother Owen.
  • Dallas had a conflict with Tristan's boyfriend Miles.
  • They were both members of the Degrassi Basketball Team.