The relationship between Mike Dallas and Vanessa occurred approximately three years before Season 12.

Relationship History


Dallas and Vanessa dated about 3 years before he came to Degrassi. While they were dating, they had sex at a party in a friend's bedroom, and Vanessa got pregnant. They became parents at the age of 15 when Vanessa gave birth to their son Rock Dallas. As of Dallas's senior year, they appear to have remained friends, and have scheduled visitations so that Dallas can see Rock.

Season 12

In Karma Police (1), Vanessa came into the basement in the Torres house when Dallas and Alli had a study date. She says to Alli that she's Mike's ex, and Alli starts to get angry at Dallas that he never told her about his ex being his appointment (that he cancelled to be with Alli but Vanessa came anyway) and leaves. She tells Dallas that she is looking at schools, and that it is unacceptable for Dallas to cancel on them. Her and Dallas's son walks in and hugs Dallas, and they both look proudly at their son. 

In Karma Police (2), Vanessa later comes to the Torres' house and is angry with Dallas about the fact that Rocky had an allergic reaction when Dallas was supposed to be taking care of him. Dallas shows Vanessa that he has set up an area for Rocky when he comes to stay over, but she tells Dallas it was a mistake letting Rock stay over. Dallas tells Vanessa that it won't happen again, and Vanessa admits to him that she hasn't been on any dates since Rocky was born since she gave up everything. Dallas acknowledges everything she has done and asks her to let him be a better father.



  • They dated and broke up a few years before Dallas came to Degrassi.
  • They have a baby together named Rock Dallas.
  • They are the third couple to keep their child. The first were Shane and Christine, the second were Lucas and Mia, and the fourth were Jonah and an unnamed girl.
    • They are also the third couple to have the mother as the primary caregiver.