The relationship between Damian Hayes and Emma Nelson is known as Demma (Damian/Emma). It began in the seventh season of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Relationship History


Originally, Emma had a strong dislike towards Damian because he was from Degrassi's rival school, Lakehurst, angered by the fact that a student there had recently murdered one of Degrassi's very own, her close friend J.T. Yorke. Over time, Emma grew to respect him, and they got together in Got My Mind Set On You, only to break up in We Built This City because Damian cheated on Emma with Liberty.

Season 7

In Another Brick in the Wall, Emma and Damian are hanging out at Emma's house watching television while her parents are out. However, students are not allowed at Snake's house until his name is cleared, and Damian sneaks out through the kitchen when Snake and Spike get home. He is later seen sitting next to her inside the classroom.

In If This Is It, Emma reveals to Manny that Damian told her that he was going to Banting University, which is far away from Smithdale University, where Emma is going next year. Manny asks her if they are breaking up, and Emma tells her that she is not sure.

In We Built This City, Damian and Emma attend prom together, but Damian sneaks off with Liberty, and the two hook up in a janitor's closet, therefore cheating on Emma. Later, Toby reveals to everyone that Damian and Liberty hooked up, leading Emma to break up with Damian.

Degrassi Minis

In Party Etiquette, Emma tells Sean that she is with Damian, who refuses to fight Sean over Emma. Emma and Damian leave the party together.


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