Damon Carter formed a dangerous gang sometime between season 13 and season 14, which can be attributed to the reason why Damon and his former best friend Zig Novak's friendship fell apart. After Damon stabbed Tiny Bell during a fight in Watch Out Now, Damon's gang entered a fierce rivalry with Vince's Gang, which resulted in Damon getting shot in retaliation by Vince Bell.


  • Damon Carter was the highest seen member of his gang. Damon is responsible for igniting the rivalry between his and Vince Bell's gang. After he stabbed Tiny, Vince's younger brother, Vince personally went after Damon and shot him, putting Damon in the hospital. Jason threatened to come after Zig because Damon was shot, but nothing is ever made of his threats after Vince is arrested for shooting Damon.
  • Jason threatened Zig and Maya Matlin, which resulted in Zig slamming Jason up again the lockers. Jason promised to leave them alone during the musical, but said they will deal with Zig after, though Jason's attack is never shown.


  • Degrassi Community School was considered neutral territory between the gangs.
  • Damon told Zig to do whatever he could to get out of his gang. It is not clear if Damon will remain in the gang lifestyle after his injuries.
  • It is possible Damon called off the attack on Zig since he sent Zig a warning message about it, or the attack didn't happen because of the police that were present at the school.