Damon King was a soap opera star and teen heartthrob, very popular among the young women of the Degrassi Community in the late 1980s. He starred in a T.V. show called Days of Passion.

Original Degrassi: Season 1

Damon's show on tv

The opening credits to his show

In the episode What a Night!, some grade eight students were watching his afternoon show in the school library behind the librarian's back in secret when they were supposed to be studying or researching. Stephanie Kaye and Erica and Heather Farrell were over the moon for him. Stephanie had the biggest crush on him and planned to meet him a day later at a book signing in where he would be autographing copies of his autobiography called King of Hearts: Confessions of a Soap Star.

Damon king greets steph

Damon King

The next day, Stephanie and the Farrell twins went over to his book signing, ahead in line you could other women crushing on him and him kissing them on the cheek as they left. When Stephanie saw him she had him sign her notebook since she didn't bring any money to buy a book, and she was smitten over him and told her she was 16, "sweet 16" he told her and he didn't only only sign her notebook but he also gave her his number and asked her out on a date. Later Stephanie called him on a payphone and happily agreed to go on date with him that evening thinking he would show her around the television station.

That evening, he picked her up in a dark deserted parking lot and instead of going to show her around the television studio like he said he would, he drove them over to the parking lot of a hotel room and he begun to hit on her, tried to kiss her and tried to make moves on her. Because it turned out he was a womanizer and he wanted to sleep with Stephanie that night at a hotel room instead of going on a regular date with her. Stephanie paniched and worried
Damon coming onto steph

Stephanie trying to get away from Damon

and tried to get away from him, but he kept following her and tried to put the moves on her again until she begun crying and screamed that she was only 14 and she would tell everybody. Then Damon, worried about being with a girl so young, and how it would affect his reputation abandoned her at the hotel parking lot and drove off into the night. Damon King was portrayed by Barry Tull