The love triangle between Danny Van Zandt, Derek Haig, and Rachel occurred during season 7. Rachel was in the center of the love triangle.

Love Triangle History

Season 7

In Got My Mind Set On You, when cute and funny Rachel joins Peter, Danny and Derek's MI group for their "How-To" video project, confidence is high. With a bona-fide female on board, and Peter's video skills, Danny and Derek know their romantic instructional video's going to be hilarious. Derek's determined to ask her out, but when it turns out it's actually Danny she likes, a jealous Derek slips panties into his backpack while they are in a store. When Danny and Rachel were walking out of the store, the manager of the store wanted Danny to open his backpack to see if he stole anything from the store. The manager took out panties out of his backpack and he didn't know anything about it, and he didn't know who placed them in his backpack. As the manager was calling security, Danny and Rachel ran out the door as fast as they could and never looked back, which causes Rachel to break up with Danny, not knowing Derek framed him. When Derek finds out the woman in charge of the store is racist, he apologizes to Danny in front of the class. Rachel later forgives Danny and they remain friends.



  • This is the first love triangle between Danny and Derek. The second is with them and Leia Chang.