The friendship between student and teacher, Daphne Hatzilakos and J.T. Yorke started when he developed a crush on her while in her class in the second season of Degrassi: The Next Generation.


Season 2

In Hot for Teacher, J.T. develops a crush on Daphne after being in her class for a couple of weeks.

Season 5

In Foolin', Daphne and Archie Simpson come to check on J.T. and Liberty Van Zandt after their car accident outside of the school.

Season 6

In The Bitterest Pill, Daphne is heard on the intercom talking about J.T.'s murder over the weekend. She later approaches Toby Isaacs in the gym and interrupts his interview with Ellie Nash. She asks to have a word with him along with Liberty and Mia Jones who were also in the gym. She tells them that she wants someone that J.T. was close to clean out his locker of his personal items. Mia says she just assumed his grandmother would want to do it, but Daphne tells her that she doesn't feel up to it and that's why she asked the three of them since they were the next closest thing to family to him. They all look around for a moment, thinking, and Daphne tells him they don't have to feel obligated since she is more than ready to take care of it herself. She then looks around at the teens waiting for a response, and Toby says they will do it since J.T. would have wanted them to. She nods, gives him the combination, and walks away with her head down.