The relationship between Daphne Hatzilakos and Troy Stone developed and ended off-screen before Troy's first appearance in the sixth season. Their marriage resulted in the birth of their son, Peter Stone.

Relationship History


Although they were never together on screen, it can be assumed that Daphne and Troy's relationship was unhappy since they seemed to frequently fight, even after they were divorced. Their marriage resulted in one child, Peter Stone, who helped end the marriage when he caught Troy cheating on Daphne with his intern, Missy, while Daphne and Troy were still married. The pair divorced one another, and Troy moved on to Missy, who he married and had another child with, as of season 8.

Season 5

Troy and Daphne are divorced by now, as Daphne had a brief affair with Archie Simpson, who was married to Christine Nelson.

Season 6

In True Colours, Daphne and Troy go to Peter's hearing for the street racing accident, and Troy uses his connections with a lawyer to get Peter out of trouble with minimum punishment.

In Free Fallin' (2), Troy and Daphne yell at Peter for sneaking out with the car and driving with a suspended license, which resulted in the vehicle getting impounded. Daphne says that if he couldn't control Peter on the weekends, then she would. He tells her not to use the principal routine on him, and she said he shouldn't have bought Peter a $60,000 car. He angrily walks away from her, leaving the school.

Season 7

In We Built This City, Peter asks his dad if he can move in with him and his pregnant fiancée, Missy after Daphne reveals that she is moving to Regina to be with her sick mother. Troy rejects the idea, stating that there wouldn't be enough room in his condo when the baby is born. Troy tells Peter that he is better off with his mother and that Regina isn't that bad.


  • Troy cheated on Daphne with Missy Stone, which ended their marriage.
  • After their divorce, Daphne primarily was the one to raise Peter.

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