The friendship between Darcy Edwards and Chantay Black formed in the fourth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation, sometime before Modern Love. Over their time at Degrassi Community School, the two girls have grown further apart as both started befriending other people.

Friendship History


Darcy and Chantay became friends sometime before Season 4. They were close at first, but eventually grew apart.

Season 4

In Modern Love, they are seen hanging out with Emma and Manny at a sleepover.

In West End Girls, they agree that they like Manny's choreography and decide to help Manny break Paige's leg.

Season 5

In Venus (2), they are both shown shunning Manny after finding out she posed nude on camera for Peter Stone.

In Our Lips Are Sealed (2), they pick jokes at Emma for weight gain at which causes Emma to freak out on them and Darcy tells them they were only kidding and Chantay asks if Emma's okay.

Season 6

In Can't Hardly Wait, Darcy and Chantay are both uncomfortable with Mia being on the Spirit Squad. They also get involved in a fight with Lakehurst.

In Eyes Without a Face (1), Chantay brings up the idea of having guys on the Spirit Squad and Darcy agrees to it. Both are seen together during the tryouts.

In If You Leave, they are both seen ignoring Emma.

Season 7

In Ladies' Night, they both attend Degrassi's Free the Children fundraiser.