The friendship between Darcy Edwards and Jane Vaughn began in the seventh season of Degrassi: The Next Generation. The girls bonded in the Archery Club, which they joined to help relieve daily stress from life. In need of friends, the two grew closer, quickly becoming best friends. They got along very well despite a few minor differences. It is unknown if the two still remain friends as both of them have left the series. 

Friendship History

Season 7

In Standing in the Dark (1), Jane invited Manny and Darcy to the party going at the ski lodge that night.

In Standing in the Dark (2), Jane made a comment to Darcy and Peter about getting a room due to their public display of affection, revealing that Derek Haig and Danny Van Zandt are going around telling people that Darcy and Peter slept together, much to Darcy's annoyance. Later, Jane approached Darcy and Manny, and told them that there had been a roofie rapist up at the ski lodge when they were there.

In Talking in Your Sleep, Darcy joined the Archery Club and was very good at it. She even invited Jane to join. They began to bond and became friends. Jane even told her real name which she changed. Darcy helped Jane work out Spinner's guy-isms, but when Darcy confided in Jane about Peter's monster stinky breath, she accidentally said something about it to Peter in front the whole class. This made Peter mad at Darcy mad leading to Darcy being mad however, they made up and became best friends.

Season 8

In Fight the Power, Darcy and Spinner were Jane's moral support at her football tryout. The two girls later discussed how Darcy still hadn't told Peter she was leaving for Kenya the following day. After leaving, she sent Jane a package from Kenya. Her package to Jane helped her stay faithful in her struggle with the football team.