Darrin Howe is a minor character appearing in the twelfth season of Degrassi. He is the inventor of Facerange. He is a billionaire and offered Katie Matlin $20,000 for her to sleep with him.

Character History

Season 12


Darrin and Katie dancing to Hedley.

In Degrassi: Las Vegas, Darrin meets Katie while gambling, and instantly seemed attracted to her. Marisol Lewis recognizes him as the inventor of Facerange. He asks Katie out for drinks, but she turns him down because she has a boyfriend. He gives her his business card in case she were to change her mind, and gives her $1000 worth of chips to gamble with. Katie, however, blows all of her money, and calls up Darrin, hoping to get a job. Katie and Marisol meet up with Darrin in his hotel room, and he offers to give Katie the money if she spends the afternoon with him. Marisol bluntly tells him that Katie isn't going to have sex with him, but Darrin tells her that she wants to run some FaceRange ideas by her. He takes a call, and Marisol and Katie discuss it over. Marisol reminds her about Jake Martin, but Katie says this is her only choice to get the money.

Katie and Darrin kissing on his balcony.

Katie pretends to be sick to meet up with Darrin. He asks her if she is up for a concert, and he gives her a selection of clothes to wear to it. She picks a slimming dress, and Darrin loves it on her. He tells her that her check is on the table, along with a bottle of wine for Drew and Bianca. He takes he to another room, where Hedley is inside. The two dance together while Hedley privately sings for them. Katie asks him why he did everything for her, and Darrin directly tells her that he wants to have sex with her if she is willing. He offers to increase the price to $40,000, but Katie tells him that she isn't that girl, and he tells her to find him if she finds that girl. After talking to Bianca DeSousa, Katie convinces herself to go through with having sex with Darrin, as she no longer was with Jake and had nothing to lose. Katie makes her way to his hotel room, and they begin to make out on his balcony of his room. However, Katie begins to have second thoughts about prostituting herself, and runs away when she gets the chance to.