The friendship between Dave Turner and Fiona Coyne began when Dave got Fiona a job at Juwanna Juice.

Friendship History

Season 9

In Shoot to Thrill, Dave flirts with Fiona. In order to stop these unwanted advances, Fiona lies and says that she's dating Riley. Afraid that Riley might beat him up for flirting with his "girlfriend," Dave begs Fiona not to tell Riley that he was hitting on her, and Fiona agrees as long as Dave backs off.

Season 12

In Sabotage (2), Dave attends Clare's birthday party at Fiona's loft.


In Karma Police (1), Fiona decides she wouldn't be comfortable living with a stranger so she looks for a job. While Fiona is working on resumes she accidentally spills her drink when Dave comes to offer her a sample drink. She takes one and tells him that she's looking for a job, he tells her that he could talk to his manager about getting her a job at Juwanna Juice. Fiona gets the job then Dave is training her how to make one for the drinks.