The conflict between Dave Turner and Luke Baker began in Season 12 when Luke harassed Dave for being in Eli's play, Romeo and Jules calling him "Gay" and a "Butt Looker". It is one of the many conflicts that Luke was involved with at Degrassi.

Conflict History


Season 12

In Got Your Money (2), Luke makes fun of Dave, Tristan, and Eli's play during rehearsal outside. Later at the school dance it is shown that Luke and another member of the hockey team had written graffiti all over the new posters of Dave and Tristan for Eli's play, and put words next to Dave's mouth that say, "I'm Gay." Alli comes out of the bathroom to see him distracted and asks what's wrong when Luke and another ice hound begin to bug him saying, "He looked at my butt! We have a Butt Looker." and calling him gay. To tell them off, Dave talks about how he's gonna have sex with his girlfriend that night, causing them to leave as they laugh at him but also making Alli upset.

In Sabotage (2), Luke and the Toronto Ice Hounds come to crash Clare's birthday party and Dave, Eli, Jake, ClareKatie, and Alli end up in a huge, physical altercation with them. 

In Scream (1), Luke supports Becky's plan to shut down Eli's play, in which Dave is cast Romeo.

In Scream (2), Luke locks Tristan in a closet so that the play which Dave is starring as Romeo won't go on.


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