David Sutcliffe is an actor, whom Zoë Rivas suspected to be her father. He is most well known for appearing on the show Gilmore Girls.

Character History

Season 15

In #NotAllMen, Zoë believes David might be her father because her mother was once an extra on the show Gilmore Girls. Her mother previously implied that her father might be David Sutcliffe, so Zoë breaks into his trailer with Grace to try and find DNA that she'd be able to test later. David, however, catches them, and calls security on them until Zoë tells him the reason why she's there. David denies being involved with any extras on the show, and Zoë apologizes to him. She tells him that she's feeling conflicted because her mother doesn't want her to like girls, and she had hoped to live with her father. David tells her that she can't live a lie for her mother, and that only Zoë can make herself happy. Zoë asks if she can call him some time, and he tells her, "Absolutely not!"