The friendship between Declan Coyne and Tinsley Wharton started off-screen in the 10th season of Degrassi. Tinsley had an unrequited crush on Declan, while he was still dating Holly J.

Friendship History

Season 10

In Breakaway (1),  Declan and Tinsley are seen talking.

In Try Honesty (1), it looked like Tinsley was messing with Declan, who at the time, was in a committed relationship with his girlfriend, Holly J. Sinclair. On Declan's profile, there were several pictures of him and Tinsley together. In one picture, Tinsley was kissing Declan on the cheek. Tinsley's profile stated she was single, but 'never for long', implying she was going to chase after Declan. Holly J. thought Tinsley was the reason why Declan was supposedly cheating on her.

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