Degrassi's 40 Most Go There-est Moments was aired on Teennick. It ranked the 40 greatest moments in Degrassi history as of season 5. They are as follows:

40. Spinner Spins Out "Spinner's idiotic antics that bought him a break up."
39. Ashley's Dad Comes Out
38. Paige Gets Stoned "Paige blows her chances at her favorite school ."
37. Little Drummer Girl "Manny takes a rim shot to the cranium, but it was worth it in the end."
36. Prom Pandemonium "The ripped dress was just the icing on a super sucky cake - this was a prom to remember."
35. Emma Finds Her Father "The shocking truth about Emma's dad."
34. Wingchick "Manny almost pulls a fast one, but Emma doesn't let it happen."
33. Craig Vs His Dad "Craig faces down his father."
32. Spinner Loses Everything "Spinner's confession."
31. Marco's Girl Problem." "Marco takes his first step out of the closet."
30. Battle of the Bands "Craig totally goes there to get Ashley back."
29. J.T. deals drugs and O.D.'s "J.T. O.D.'s"
28. Spinner Moons The School "Spinner and Jimmy's pill swapping - a Go-There-Est moment they both regretted."
27. Emma's Eating Disorder "Emma's battle with bulimia."
26. Sean Goes Home "The day Sean confessed his guilt to his parents and himself."
25. J.T. and the Penis Pump "J.T. comes up short."
24. Ecstasy and Ashley
23. Manny and the Thong "The day Manny showed off her thong."
22. Marco Kisses Dylan "Give it up for first love."
21. Craig's Dad Dies "Craig laughs at his father's death."
20. Emma's Forbidden Kiss "Emma jumps Peter's body, and Peter jumps Emma's heart."
19. Jay Finally Gets What He Deserves
18. Emma and the e-Creep "Emma escapes the monster."
17. Craig's Song of Seduction "Craig kills two girls with one song."
16. Spinner's in the Red "Spinner can't control his hormones - or anything else."
15. Marco Kisses Craig "Marco and Craig go to first base."
14. Born-again Virgin "Spinner can't commit to virginity or Darcy ."
13. Hot for Teacher "Paige's extracurricular activities with Mr. Oleander ."
12. Slimy Snake "Snake's squirmy fling."
11. Paige is Raped "Paige's nightmareish encounter with a rapist ."
10. Paige Gets Revenge "Paige gets payback."
9. Craig's Love Triangle "Craig's lovelife goes up in flames."
8. Babies Having Babies "Liberty gets pregnant."
7. Marco Beats Prejudice "Marco comes out."
6. Ellie's Bloody Secret "Ellie takes her pain out on her own body."
5. Craig Goes Bipolar "Craig and the demons in his head."
4. Indecent Exposure "Manny's topless terror."
3. Girls in Love "Paige and Alex fall hard for each other."
2. Emma's Social Disease "Emma's bracelet is no gift."
1. School Shooting "The number one most go-therest moment in Degrassi history: the day gunfire echoed in the hallways."