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Degrassi: Next Class (Season 15)
2016-01-09 (2)
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Air Dates

January 4, 2016 (Canada)
January 15, 2016 (US)





Season Chronology

The 15th season of Degrassi (first season of Degrassi: Next Class) began airing on F2N on the Family Channel in Canada on January 4, 2016 and became available to stream on Netflix in most other territories worldwide on January 15, 2016. It began airing on ABC3 in Australia on May 16, 2016. Production for the season started on June 15, 2015.

While technically it is another season within the current incarnation of Degrassi, it is being viewed by many as a "rebranding" or "reboot" of the series, much like "The Next Generation" was from "Degrassi High."

It is worth noting that Netflix and F2N categorizes this as a new series, and divides the 20 filmed episodes into "season one" and "season two" of Degrassi: Next Class.

Main Cast

Juniors (Class of 2016)

  • Richard Walters as Tiny Bell, a smart guy who's choosing school over drama this year.
  • Nikki Gould as Grace Cardinal, a spunky and helpful tech savvy with great tracking skills and the school's moral compass.
  • Andre Kim as Winston Chu, a smart and funny guy who's figuring out what he wants.
  • Ehren Kassam as Jonah Haak, a supposedly former troublemaker repeating his Junior year who is interested in rock music and has seen the light.
  • Eric Osborne as Miles Hollingsworth III, a bisexual billionaire bad-boy with charisma who was expelled from boarding school for arson.
  • Olivia Scriven as Maya Matlin, a young cello virtuoso who is following her passion.
  • Lyle Lettau as Tristan Milligan, a loud-and-proud gay student council presidential candidate.
  • Soma Bhatia as Goldi Nahir, a student activist and feminist who, while putting her hijab on every morning, considers ways in which she can improve Degrassi and isn't afraid to speak up. (NEW)
  • Ricardo Hoyos as Zig Novak, a good boy gone bad who was recently homeless and is struggling to turn his life around.
  • Ana Golja as Zoë Rivas, a former West Drive star with a passion for fashion who uses her looks, charm, and deviousness to get her way while also discovering what makes her happy.
  • Chelsea Clark as Esme Song, a button-down keener on the outside, an erratic thrill-seeker on the inside, she lives in the moment and is ready to shake things up at Degrassi. (NEW)

Sophomores (Class of 2017)

Degrassi Staff

Recurring Cast




  • As of this season, Netflix picked up Next Class making Degrassi a Netflix Original.
  • Auditions for season 15 started on May 12, 2015 and ended on May 19, 2015. Casting sides for Esme, Baaz, Vijay, Goldi, and Yael were released.
  • Frankie Hollingsworth, Grace Cardinal, Maya Matlin, Miles Hollingsworth III, Winston Chu, and Zig Novak are the only characters to appear in every episode of this season. This hasn't happened since season 1.
  • This is the first season not to feature students who debuted before the Next Generation tagline, which was dropped at the end of Season 9.
  • This season is the first to use the Next Class tagline.
  • This is Stefan Brogren's 20th season playing Archie Simpson.
  • Stephen Stohn has announced that from this season forward, Degrassi will be broadcast on The Family Channel in Canada and on Netflix worldwide.
  • Many viewers are still considering Degrassi: Next Class as a new series due to the fact TeenNick is still considering Season 14 as the series finale of Degrassi: The Next Generation.
  • According to many of the cast members, Next Class will be, "edgier", along with including more explicit language, as well as bringing back of the early Degrassi essence.
  • This is the first season to not have up to 28 to 45 episodes since Season 9.
  • Degrassi: Next Class is being referred to as a new installment of the Degrassi series and fifth incarnation of the franchise, by some people.
    • However, Stephen Stohn has tweeted that this season should be considered both the 15th season of Degrassi, as well as the first season of Degrassi: Next Class. [1]
  • Stephan Stohn is hoping to return to the longer openings. Source
  • This is the first season since Season 4 that does not have a senior class.
  • This is the first season since Season 2 that does not have a cast departure of any kind.
  • J.T.'s Memorial has been removed.
  • Gallery shots have been shot during July/August.
  • Lola's bedroom is a new set this season.
  • This season marks the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year.
  • This is the first season to not have most of its episode titles named after a song title.
  • This is the first season to use hash-tags as episode titles.

Episodes List

Episode # Title Canadian Airdate International/
U.S. Airdate
Production# Series#
1–10 (Netflix - Season 1) January 4, 2016 January 15, 2016 1501–
1 #BootyCall January 4, 2016 January 15, 2016 1501 386
2 #NoFilter January 5, 2016 January 15, 2016 1502 387
3 #YesMeansYes January 6, 2016 January 15, 2016 1503 388
4 #NotOkay January 7, 2016 January 15, 2016 1504 389
5 #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness January 8, 2016 January 15, 2016 1505 390
6 #NotAllMen January 11, 2016 January 15, 2016 1506 391
7 #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin January 12, 2016 January 15, 2016 1507 392
8 #TeamFollowBack January 13, 2016 January 15, 2016 1508 393
9 #SinceWeBeinHonest January 14, 2016 January 15, 2016 1509 394
10 #SorryNotSorry January 15, 2016 January 15, 2016 1510 395

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