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Degrassi: The Next Generation (Season 3)
# of Episodes


Air Dates

September 17, 2003 - April 5, 2004 (Can)
October 3, 2003 - August 6, 2004 (US) October 3, 2003 (U.S.)


Father Figure (1)


The Power of Love


March 28, 2006

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The third season of Degrassi: The Next Generation depicted the 2003-2004 school year.

It continues to depict the lives of a group of high school freshmen and sophomores, as they deal with typical challenges and more intense issues teenagers face such as homophobia, family issues, domestic violence, emancipation, promiscuity, sexual identity, gang violence, self-injury, teenage pregnancy, abortion, infidelity, and academic stress.

Main Cast

The following 20 actors received star billing:


Sophomores (Class of 2006)

Freshmen (Class of 2007)

Degrassi Staff

Recurring Characters




Guest Stars

Opening Sequence

The theme song begins with a shot of the front entrance of the school. The camera pans to the right and we see Ellie across the street holding a video camera shooting the school. The name "Stacey Farber" zooms in from the left side of the screen. The camera focuses on her and she turns to the right. The camera now takes the perspective of Ellie's camera. It goes by the front entrance where we see a kid skateboarding down the railing. It stops at Emma who is at the bottom of the stairs passing out flyers. The name "Miriam McDonald" fades in and she looks into the camera smiling and sticks her tongue out. Her name zooms off to the right and the camera goes to the right and focuses on Jimmy on the basketball court. The name "Aubrey Graham" fades in. Spinner tries blocking Jimmy from scoring but he goes past him and shoots the ball. The camera focuses on Spinner look up as Jimmy scores. The name "Shane Kippel" fades in. He then catches the ball as it bounces to him. His name zooms off to the left.

The camera then zooms to the right and focuses in the gym where two cheerleaders throw another cheerleader and catch her. The camera zooms down where we see Hazel. The name "Andrea Lewis" fades in. She's smiling as Paige climbs up on her shoulder and grabs her leg to build a pyramid. The camera then focuses on Manny standing on the other side holding onto Paige's leg. The name "Cassie Steele" fades in. She looks up and smiles. The camera zooms up and focuses on Paige. The name "Lauren Collins" appears. She's holding both arms up and smiling. Her name zooms off to the left. The camera zooms to the right and we see Terri holding a lacrosse stick standing by the Degrassi mural with the lacrosse team. The name "Christina Schmidt" fades in. She smiles and looks to her right as J.T. runs in from the left. He stops and smiles as a boy behind him puts on his mascot head for him. During this the name "Ryan Cooley" appears. It then zooms down.

The camera zooms to the right and focuses on a computer screen in the music room that has lines going up and down from music notes being played. The camera zooms up and focuses on Ashley playing the keyboard. The name "Melissa McIntyre" fades in. Ashley looks to her right and smiles. The camera zooms to the right to show Craig sitting next to her playing his guitar. The name "Jake Epstein" fades in. It then zooms off to the left. The camera zooms to the right showing Toby and Liberty in the science lab. The name "Jake Goldsbie" fades in on the upper left as Toby pours a substance from a tube into a bigger tube. This causes smoke to shoot out from the tube. Toby steps back surprised but Liberty smiles with amazement. The name "Sarah Barrable-Tishauer" fades in on the lower right before Jake's name zooms off to the left. Sarah's name then zooms down.

camera zooms to the right. We see Spike sitting next Snake at a picnic table. The name "Amanda Stepto" fades in on the lower left below Spike and then the name "Stefan Brogren" fades in on the upper right below Snake. Snake has his arm around Spike and kisses her forehead while she smiles. Their names then fade out in the same order they faded in. The camera zooms to the right and we see Joey and Caitlin sitting across from them. The name "Pat Mastroianni" fades in on the upper left below Joey. Then the name "Stacie Mistysyn" fades in on the lower right below Caitlin. They both look at each other and smile. Pat's name zooms off to the left and then Stacie's name zooms as well.

The camera zooms to the right where we see some kids spray painting on the bus station outside of the school. It zooms back and shows Sean smiling as he shakes a can of spray paint. The name "Daniel Clark" zooms up. He then turns to his left and looks surprised. His name zooms off to the left and the camera zooms to the right where we see Mr. Raditch looking at Sean with his arms folded. The name "Dan Woods" fades in. He then sees the camera and looks surprised. His name zooms off to the left. He puts his hand over the lense as it zooms to the right. We are no longer seeing things from Ellie's perspective as the camera shows Marco standing in the hallway with Ellie, with her back to the camera, standing in front of him with her camera. The name "Adamo Ruggiero" fades in. She points to him as he takes his sunglasses off. His name fades out. He then pops the collar of his jacket and turns around. The camera zooms into his back where we see the "Degrassi: The Next Generation" logo pop out.

Episode List

Main article: Episode Guide#Season 3 .282003-2004.29
Season # Series # Title Canadian Airdate U.S. Airdate Production Code
1/2 36/37 "Father Figure" September 17, 2003 October 3, 2003 301/302
3 38 "U Got the Look" October 1, 2003 October 10, 2003 303
4 39 "Pride (1)" October 8, 2003 October 17, 2003 304
5 40 "Pride (2)" October 15, 2003 October 17, 2003 305
6 41 "Gangsta, Gangsta" October 22, 2003 October 24, 2003 306
7 42 "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" October 29, 2003 October 31, 2003 307
8 43 "Whisper to a Scream" November 5, 2003 November 28, 2003 308
9 44 "Against All Odds" November 12, 2003 December 5, 2003 309
10 45 "Never Gonna Give You Up" November 19, 2003 December 12, 2003 310
11/12 46/47 "Holiday" December 17, 2003 December 19, 2003 311/312
13 48 "This Charming Man" December 10, 2003 June 4, 2004 313
14 49 "Accidents Will Happen (1)" January 26, 2004 August 26, 2006 314
15 50 "Accidents Will Happen (2)" February 9, 2004 August 26, 2006 315
16 51 "Take On Me" February 16, 2004 June 11, 2004 316
17 52 "Don't Dream It's Over" February 23, 2004 June 18, 2004 317
18 53 "Rock and Roll High School" March 8, 2004 July 2, 2004 318
19 54 "It's Raining Men" March 15, 2004 July 9, 2004 319
20 55 "I Want Candy" March 22, 2004 July 16, 2004 320
21 56 "Our House" March 29, 2004 July 30, 2004 321
22 57 "The Power of Love" April 5, 2004 August 6, 2004 322


  • This season marks the final appearances of Erica Farrell, Heather Farrell, Derek Wheeler and Terri MacGregor.
  • This season marks the controversial episode, "Accident Will Happen", in which Manny chooses to have an abortion. The N refused to show the episode for two and a half years, and even then it was late at night/early morning.
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