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Degrassi (Season 14)
Degrassi Season 13 Title
# of Episodes


Air Dates

2014 (Can & US)


Smells Like Teen Spirit



Season Chronology

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The 14th season of Degrassi premiere sometime in 2014, on MTV (Canada) and TeenNick (U.S.).

Main Cast

Graduates (Class of 2013)

Seniors (Class of 2014)

Sophomores (Class of 2016)

  • Andre Kim as Winston Chu, a smart and sarcastic wingman who wants to be the big man on campus.
  • Eric Osborne as Miles Hollingsworth III, a billionaire bad-boy with charisma who was expelled from boarding school for arson.
  • Olivia Scriven as Maya Matlin, a young cello virtuoso who is undergoing a personality change while coping with her late boyfriend's suicide.
  • Lyle Lettau as Tristan Milligan, a loud-and-proud homosexual teen who is determined to meet his goals.
  • Ricardo Hoyos as Zig Novak, a good boy turned bad who's in the rubber room and living with his friend; Maya.
  • Ana Golja as Zoë Rivas, a former West Drive star with a passion for fashion who uses looks, charm, and deviousness to get her way who's trying to cope with her recent sexual assault.
  • Nikki Gould as Grace, a spunky and helpful tech savvy with great tracking skills.

Freshmen (Class of 2017)

Degrassi Staff

Recurring Cast



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  • Stephen Stohn confirmed on November 13th, 2013 that Season 14's brainstorming was underway.
  • Lyle Lettau stated that due to his recent move to LA, he may not be returning to play Tristan. Ana Golja, however, confirmed on her instagram that he'll be back.
  • Connor, Luke, Drew, Dallas, Clare, Alli, Jenna, Becky, Jack and Imogen will be graduating this season, unless some are held back.
  • Eli Goldsworthy could potentially be recurring this season.

Episodes List

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Episode # Title  Canadian Airdate U.S. Airdate Production# Series #
1-TBA TBA 2014 2014 1401-TBA 358-TBA
1-2 Smells Like Teen Spirit 2014 2014 1401-1402 358-359

Degrassi Minis

Promos & Videos


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