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The Degrassi Photo Club is briefly introduced in Shoot to Thrill during Degrassi Community School's fair to sign up for clubs. Chantay Black appeared to lead the group, as she told Alli Bhandari and Clare Edwards of their assignments for the week and had final say in what pictures went up on Photo Club's display. The club had enough prominence to have an exhibit displayed with members' photos up in the main hall of the school for a week. The club lent out equipment to its members to take photos.

It was previously mentioned in Take My Breath Away in which it was revealed that Craig Manning was a member.

Current Members

  • None

Former Members


  • Chantay tells Alli and Clare of their assignment for the week.
  • Alli using Photo Club's equipment to take photos of her boyfriend.
  • Clare's portrait for Photo Club.
  • The wall displaying the member's of Photo Club's portraits.

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