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Degrassi Radio is a radio show that was introduced by Sav Bhandari in Cry Me A River (1). The on-air personalities of the show are Dave Turner and Adam Torres. Since the introduction, Degrassi Radio appears regularly on the airwaves of Degrassi.


  • Tumblr m1jsoioTNZ1r5uoxco1 500

    A t-shirt of a Degrassi Radio broadcast, Mano o' Mano

    The Degrassi Radio was the reason a fight broke out between Adam and Dave.
  • Dave trashed Adam on air by calling him a "tranny" and saying that girls shouldn't be allowed to use the guys' restroom, which caused some students to go to Mr. Simpson and report it.
  • Dave and Adam hosted the show "Mano O' Mano" together.

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