Student Council is a group comprised of students who act as a governing body for the social and philanthropic aspects of Degrassi Community School. The Student Council plans dances, fundraisers, and various events throughout the school year.





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  • Sav, Holly J., Drew, and Clare were the only President and Vice-President to have a relationship or an attraction to one another.
  • Katie Matlin was fired as President.
  • Miles Hollingsworth III was disqualified as President after being chosen, thus having Tristan take his place.
  • Siblings Liberty and Danny Van Zandt served as Secretary, though Liberty became President.
  • Ashley, Marco, Holly J. and Sav were all friends of Spinner Mason.
  • Marco, Liberty, Holly J., Fiona, Connor and Zoë were valedictorians of their respective classes.
  • Zoe has been in Student Council every season that she appeared and every year that she'd been going to Degrassi.