School uniforms were introduced during the second half of Season 10 (specifically Don't Let Me Get Me) when Principal Simpson changed the

Tori and Maya in their freshmen uniforms.

Adam Wesley Connor

The science team in Sophomore uniforms.


Drew Torres in his Junior uniform.

Anya & Holly J In Their Degrassi Uniforms Talking At Degrassi

Anya in her Senior Uniform.

school rules after the events at Vegas Night. The uniforms included four different coloured polo shirts, khaki pants (or skirts), a name tag/I.D. card, and shoes of one's choice.

At the beginning of Season 11, it was shown that hoodies/jackets no longer had to have a Degrassi logo on it, and it could be of the students' choice. Extras (jewelry, headbands, scarfs) could also be worn. Head coverings were also supposedly banned as well, as a number of students who had usually or always worn hats/beanies in school under the prior rules (K.C., Adam) no longer did so.

While it was practically unheard of for a real-life school that's never had uniforms to implement them at any other time than the start of a new school year (with ample prior notice the preceding spring), several other teen shows have done so in midyear as a one-episode storyline.

At the beginning of Season 12, the dress code was loosened, and students no longer had to wear uniforms and got to wear the clothing of their choice. Students are still required to display student ID on lanyards. Starting with the first episode of Season 15, the student IDs could be worn on a lanyard or clipped onto a student's backpack.

Colors for the polo shirts

  • Seniors (Grade 12) Blue
  • Juniors (Grade 11) Red
  • Sophomores (Grade 10) Purple
  • Freshmen (Grade 9) Yellow

The first publicity photos of the second half of Season 11 show incoming Grade 9s wearing yellow shirts in the next school year, meaning the students promoted to the next grade will be obliged to buy different coloured shirts every year.

This does confirm that Grade 7 and 8 students no longer attend Degrassi and are not just merely out of focus.

As of Come As You Are (1), the uniform policy has been abolished, while the requirement to display student ID remains.

The plot of Got Your Money (1), is set in motion by the fact that Zig still wears khakis bought for the now-obsolete uniform.

In the opening credits

Although they had been introduced as students returned after midwinter break partway through Season 10, the uniform-free introduction continued to be used for the remainder of the season. Likewise, Season 11's credits carried over Grade 10-12 students' old pictures with their last year's shirt colors after the start of the new school year. With the change in policy in Season 12 coming in the cold open of the first episode, uniforms were dropped from the intro with immediate effect.