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Demetrius Joyette
Date of Birth March 14, 1993 (age 24)
Place of Birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Gender Male
Nickname(s) D Mo
Height 5'9"
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Occupation(s) Actor
IMDb Demetrius Joyette
Twitter Demetrius Joyette
Demetrius Joyette portrays Mike Dallas on Degrassi. He is best known for portraying Michael Theodore Davies in the sitcom The Latest Buzz and Porter Jackson on Wingin' It. At the early age of eight, outgoing Demetrius entered the professional world of acting. After securing several commercial jobs, Demetrius secured a series regular role on the long running series DOC alongside Billy Ray Cyrus. He received two Young Artist nominations in L.A. for his role as Justin on the series. From there he has worked continuously on feature films including The Pacifier with Vin Diesel, Honey, Blizzard, Owning Mahoney. His TV credits include MOW: Addicted.Com, Under the Dragon's Tail, Kojak, and TV series: Wonderfalls, Power Strikers, pilot 2 Kings and was a regular on NBC Discovery Kids hit series Darcy's Wildlife. He also played a role of George Dawson in the new movie Carrie. He is really close friends with Munro Chambers, Justin Kelly, Dylan Everett  and AJ Saudin.


  • Demetrius is a Pisces.
  • He acted on the sitcom The Latest Buzz with fellow cast members Munro Chambers, Justin Kelly and Vanessa Morgan.
  • He also acted on Wingin' It with fellow cast member Dylan Everett.
  • He was on the app-series Totally Amp'd with Cristine Prosperi.
  • His Twitter
  • He's left handed.
  • He's half Greek and half Vincentian. [1]
  • He owns a Nissan 300ZX TT.[2]
  • He loves the fact that Degrassi is proud to be Canadian.
  • He admits that he wasn't easy to work with when he was around the age of 6.
  • His celebrity crushes are Rihanna and Eva Mendes.
  • If he weren't an actor, he would like to be in the military or work with cars.
  • His favorite TV shows are Blue Mountain State and Breaking Bad.
  • His guilty pleasure is watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo with his mom.
  • He would love to be on any show produced by HBO.
  • He says that he is actually terrible at hockey. Ironically, he plays the captain of the hockey team on Degrassi, Mike Dallas.
  • He is afraid of rollercoasters.
  • If he could play another character on Degrassi, it would be Jake Martin.
  • He is a fan of 90's R&B.
  • He loves playing Monopoly and blames Munro Chambers and Justin Kelly for his addiction.
  • His favorite Degrassi ship is Drianca.
  • As a child, his favorite TV shows were Smart Guy and Recess.
  • He plays the guitar.
  • If he could take one thing from the Degrassi set, it would be Dallas' varsity jacket.
  • He thinks it's important to stay humble.
  • He has learned that hard work really does pay off.
  • He admits that he is serious on the Degrassi set. He does not joke around as much as he did on The Latest Buzz or Wingin' It.
  • He is open for any fans to come up to him and talk, because he finds it rude when people yell at him from a distance.
  • His first name is Greek for Jim.
  • He is biracial.
  • He was on Degrassi for 3 years.


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