The friendship between Derek Haig and Johnny DiMarco started in season 8 when Derek became friends with Bruce the Moose, who at the time was best friends with Johnny. They were initially enemies due to the Degrassi/Lakehurst war, but eventually got over it by the end of Season 7.

Friendship History

Season 6

In What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (2), Derek and his friends were stopped by Johnny and his friends and told them that Lakehurst has declared war on Degrassi. Later on in the episode, Derek's friend Toby is beaten up by Johnny and his friends because J.T. and his crew never showed up to challenge the Lakehurst gang by the tunnel like he said they would.

The two are seen together at Liberty's birthday party in the episode Rock This Town. In the episode, Johnny gives Derek a can of beer to open that was intended to explode all over him, but Derek opened it towards Jay, which instead caused the beer to explode on him. Jay got angry and he, along with Spinner, kicked Johnny and his friend Drake out of the party.

Season 8

In Heat of the Moment, the two are seen chatting together by the lockers along with Bruce. When Holly J. Sinclair leaves the three of them after asking Johnny if he's dating Alli Bhandari, Derek pats him on the shoulder.


  • They were both members of the Class of 2008 but only Johnny was seen graduating.
  • They were both good friends with Bruce.
  • They were both bullies at some point.
  • They both attended Degrassi.
  • They attended Liberty Van Zandt's birthday party.
  • Both were involved in the Degrassi vs. Lakehurst war.