Devon is a man Marco met at a bar. He is homosexual, and prostitutes himself to wealthy men for money, despite being in a long-distance relationship. He is portrayed by Benjamin Hollingsworth.

Character History

Season 7


Devon talks to his client in the car.

In Owner of a Lonely Heart, Marco meets Devon at his college campus's bar when he went to order more calamari for himself and Ellie. Devon reveals he has a long-distance relationship with his boyfriend that lives in Spain, who flies him over. Devon invites Marco to Cabaret Night the following night, but tells him to leave Ellie behind. At Cabaret night, he checks out the shirtless dancers and pays for the round of drinks. He hangs out with Marco all night, and tells Marco they are hanging out at another expensive club tomorrow. The next night, Marco meets them outside of the club, but doesn't have enough money to get in. He invites Devon over to his place to watch television, but Devon tells him he is going to need a lot of money to hang out with them, as quiet nights at his place were out of the question. He walks away, leaving Marco feeling rejected outside of the club. Later, Marco meets up with Devon and they drive in a car of a strange acquaintance of Devon's to a secluded place. Devon reveals he has sex for money, which disgusts and shocks Marco.


  • Although Devon only appeared in one episode, he is Degrassi's first male prostitute.
  • The actor, Benjamin Hollingsworth, shares his last name with future characters Miles, Frankie and Hunter Hollingsworth