Don was a man who worked as either a manager or an assistant manager at a local diner in Degrassi in the late 1980s called Franks Delicious Varieties. He was resentful of the punk hairstyles and fashions of the 1980s.

Original Degrassi: Season 3

Don was either the manager or assistant manager of Frank's Delicious Varieties or someone who had bought the diner but didn't change the name to his own yet.

In the episode Black & White, when he first gave Spike a job interview that evening over the phone the next day at 4:00pm. The next day when Spike
Don the rude bald man.


showed up to speak with him for the job interview, he was first seen busy speaking with either a friend or his best customer when Spike asked to see him. When Don saw her he looked at her with disgust, and he begun to immediately dislike her punk image, especially her spikey hair and he begun to speak rudely to her making wisecracks and put downs to her about her hair. When Spike asked about what the job would involve doing he told her she was late and he told her 3:45 when the truth was he did say 4 o'clock and Spike had immediately written it down and even told her mom as a reminder. The reason he may have done this was because he may have felt with her hairstyle that she wouldn't be able to wear a hairnet or that it would always be poking around in other peoples face. Also just the possibly because he was rude and simply didn't want to hire her, because she was a girl and he had no respect for women. When Spike asked him to give her another chance he still said no and turned her down and he has friend still laughed at her and she told him to get a life and left his diner. Don was portrayed by Renato Rizzuti