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“Don't You Want Me? (2)”
Season 6, Episode 19
Don't You Want Me (2) 619
Can. Airdate

May 14, 2007

U.S. Airdate

August 13, 2007

Prod. Code



Brendon Yorke


Phil Earnshaw

Episode Guide

Don't You Want Me? (1)


Standing In The Dark (1)

Don't You Want Me? (2) is the nineteenth episode of Season 6 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on May 19, 2007 in Canada, and on August 13, 2007 in the United States.


Alex has the best of both worlds. She's earning tons of money. But with the guilt of hiding everything from everyone, she's trying to convince herself she's making the right decision. To her disappointment, the money was used just to bail her mom's boyfriend out of jail. Now she's left with guilt, and betrayal.

Main Plot

Alex's double life is finally bringing in the cash she needs, but hiding everything from everyone is taking a toll on her schoolwork and her connection with Paige. But making money is the only way she and her mother won't get evicted, and Alex tries to convince herself she's making the right decision. She later finds out that her mom used the money to bail out her boyfriend. Infuriated by the discovery, Alex cuts her mother out of her life forever and leaves their home.

Third Plot

Sub Plot

When Sean and Emma are not talking, she will have to go through her scariest experience yet -pregnancy. When Emma tells Sean that she is pregnant, he still stays with her. Emma takes a pregnancy test which turns out negative, much to Sean's relief. Emma is convinced the test is wrong. However, when she has her period, she is relieved. I

Ellie and Jesse re-connect again at a club, as Marco later finds them in bed together the next morning.

Manny: (to Emma; singing) Go Emma, you got your period! You're not pregnant, we're going dancing!
Paige: That's Bovine Fecal Matter and you know it, Alex.

  • "Roll Over" by Vivian George
  • "Was That All" by Plumtree
  • "Stripped Down" by Keely Hawkes Pressley
  • "This Song Is For You" by The Planet Smashers
  • "Sugar Sugar" by Natalise
  • "Shining Stars" by Morella's Forest
  • "Never" by Dean Drouillard
  • "Average Girl" by Morgan Mayer
  • "Something To Live For" by Julian Taylor & Jessica Vigars
  • "Somewhere Together" Cadence Grace

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