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Dr. Dawkins
Doctor Dumbass
Nickname(s) Dr. Dawkins
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Family Drew Torres (Godson)
Affiliation(s) Doctor
First Episode Can't Tell Me Nothing (1) (1134)
Last Episode Can't Tell Me Nothing (1) (1134)
Episode Count 1
Portrayed By Matt Baram
Dr. Dawkins is the godfather of Drew Torres.

Character History

Season 11

In Can't Tell Me Nothing (1), he was helping Katie Matlin walk on a treadmill and told her that she had injured her knee very badly and says he will set her up to get an MRI which would probably have to be next week after the tryouts.  Katie asks him if she could get an injection or take some pills to just play through the pain. He said that if Katie were to play tomorrow then she could risk tearing her ACL and have walking complications for the rest of her life. He stands up to set up an appointment for Katie to get an MRI.

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