Dr. Jim
Full Name Dr. Jim
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Gray
Job Therapist
First Episode Secret (1) (414)
Last Episode What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (2) (610)
Reason Craig and Ellie no longer attended group.
Episode Count 3
Portrayed By Terrence Bryant
Dr. Jim is the leader of the mental health support group that Craig Manning and Ellie Nash attended. He was portrayed by Terrence Bryant.

Character History

Season 4

In Secret (1), Ashley recommends Craig that he goes to a mental health support group, and he agrees to go. Dr. Jim is the leader of the group, and encourages others to talk about their experiences.

Season 5

In Weddings, Parties, Anything, Dr. Jim leads the group therapy circle that both Ellie and Craig attend. Craig talks about their upcoming wedding gig.

Season 6

In What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (2), after waiting for Craig, he finally starts the group session.