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Dr. Moragoda
Full Name Dr. Moragoda
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Job Doctor
First Episode Pride (1) (304)
Last Episode I Want Candy (320)
Reason Snake's cancer went into remission.
Portrayed By Sugith Varughese
Dr. Moragoda was the doctor that tended to Archie Simpson during his cancer treatment. He was the one to deliver the bad news that Snake had leukemia, but also gave the good news that his cancer had gone into remission. He was portrayed by Sugith Varughese.

Character History

Season 3

In Pride (1), Dr. Moragoda tells Snake that the symptoms he has been experiencing all point toward him having leukemia. He tells Snake that if it was cancer, then they have caught it early.

In I Want Candy, he tells Snake and the family the good news that Snake's cancer has gone into remission. He leaves the family alone since they had begun crying happily.


  • In Pride (1), he was credited as "Doctor Sandholt", but in I Want Candy, he was credited as Dr. Moragoda, which would be the correct name as it was the last episode he appeared in.

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