Drake Lempkey was a student at Lakehurst Secondary School on the TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation. He was friends with Johnny DiMarco. After he stabbed and killed J.T. Yorke, he was arrested and charged with third-degree murder. He was portrayed by Brendan McMurtry-Howlett.

Character History

Season 6

In Rock This Town, along with his friend Johnny DiMarco, Drake attended Liberty's birthday party at Emma's house. However, Drake was only there to cause problems. This was mostly due to the rivalry between Lakehurst and Degrassi community school

After being thrown out of the party for spraying Jay with beer, Drake threatened Degrassi by telling them they made a "bad move." Drunk and angry at the Degrassi students, he fulfilled his threat when J.T. went outside to go look for Liberty.

When J.T. saw Johnny and Drake peeing by his car, he faked a laugh and told the Lakehurst students that they slayed him with their humor. Drake, who appeared to be drunk, said to J.T., "Oh yeah, mascot boy? Laugh at this!", pulled out a switchblade and stabbed J.T. right in the back when he had turned away, which J.T. died from minutes later. Johnny, shocked, replied to this by saying, "Oh, man, what the hell did you do?!" Then, Drake and Johnny fled the scene.

He was later reportedly arrested and charged with third-degree murder.


  • He is mentioned many times after J.T.'s death, as a psycho.
  • In Bust a Move (1), Johnny talks about his feelings ever since his friend, Drake, killed J.T.
  • In Hide and Seek (1), Johnny refers to him while talking about J.T. to Alli, saying "I stood next to a dude who stabbed a guy that everyone loved."


  • "Such a cold mouth from such a hot…" (First line)
  • "Yeah, mascot boy? Laugh at this." (Last line)


  • Johnny and Drake at Liberty's birthday party.
  • J.T. being stabbed by Drake