The love triangle between Clare Edwards, Drew Torres, and Eli Goldsworthy began during the thirteenth season of Degrassi. Clare was the center of this triangle.

Love Triangle History


Season 13

In Spiderwebs, Clare and Drew end up kissing each other after they both broke up with Eli and Bianca, respectively.

In Sparks Will Fly (2), Drew and Clare are first seen going to get something heavy from the school then they end up having sex but then Eli walks in, upset. He rhetorically asks Clare if this is why she broke up with him. Drew awkwardly leaves them to talk.

Season 14

In Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Eli walks in the dot and he and Drew look at each other nasty and Eli asks Clare what's going on and Clare tells Eli she's pregnant and later Eli and Clare are outside and tells Eli that the baby is Drew's and Eli walks away mad.

In There's Your Trouble, Eli and Drew get in a heated fight regarding Clare's pregnancy. Eli expresses his anger at Clare.



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