The conflict between Drew Torres and Eli Goldsworthy began in Season 13 of Degrassi, after being little more than acquaintances since Season 10.

Conflict History

Season 11


In Nowhere to Run, Jake Martin invites Drew, Eli, Marisol, Katie and Alli to a party in his cabin. Later that night, Clare, who shows up to the party uninvited, runs off into the woods after catching Jake and Alli kissing; despite Jake and Drew being the ones to go find her, Eli, who finally arrives, ends up finding Clare. Jake and Drew then catch up with the two. 


Season 12

In Zombie (2), Clare and Drew are talking about Clare becoming his Vice President, when Eli approaches the two. Clare insists that Drew stay, while Eli tells her about getting into NYU, followed by asking her to take him back. However, she refuses.


Season 13

In Young Forever, they both attend Adam's funeral and memorial celebration, after his death.

In Spiderwebs, both Drew and Clare have troubles in their respective relationships, Drew comforts her when she believed she wasn't good enough for Eli, leading the two to share a kiss.

In Basket Case, Eli saw Drew and Clare in the car together but then when Drew leaves he calls Clare "Edwards" and Eli half-jokingly claims that's "his thing".

In Sparks Will Fly (2), Eli walks in on Drew and Clare kissing, after they had sex.

In Thunderstruck, Eli calls Drew a meathead when Clare is in Eli's room at NYU.

Season 14

In Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Eli walks in The Dot and sees Drew and they both give each other nasty looks.

In There's Your Trouble, Eli walks out during an interview with Spinner at The Dot. He then argues with Drew. Drew calls Eli a hothead, which causes Eli to punch him in the face while Clare tries to stop the altercation.

In Finally (2), both attended prom and later on Eli is seen congratulating Drew on graduating High School.