The brief friendship between Scooter Webster and Dwayne Myers took place during the second season of Degrassi Junior High.

Friendship History

Degrassi Junior High Season 2

In Fight!, Scooter was having difficulty opening the lock on his locker. Dwayne then came up to Scooter and politely helped him open the lock. Scooter expressed his appreciation by offering Dwayne a cheesy snack. The boys introduced themselves to each other and became new friends. Scooter already knew Dwayne's name, but at the time, he was unaware that he had just befriended the school's most infamous bully.

Then later that day at lunchtime, someone had thrown Scooter's lunch of cheesy snacks on the top of his locker. So he was feeling down in the dumps. because he felt someone did it to him as joke. He claimed that it was because he felt he was so short. Then suddenly Dwayne lifted Scooter up on his shoulders. Then he lifted him up high in the air and Scooter was able to retrieve his cheesy snacks. Then Scooter asked Dwayne to lift him up again for fun. Then Dwayne also spun him around a few times and Scooter was laughing and having fun. Then he also asked if he could feel Dwayne's biceps. It was clear that Scooter felt happy and cool, because he was the shortest kid in school. So now he just befriended the biggest kid in school.

The next day later in the afternoon Scooter heard the news around school that Dwayne was going to fight Joey after school in Schuyler Park. Scooter didn't really like what he had heard. Therefore when Dwayne asked Scooter if he was going to come watch the fight, Scooter asked Dwayne about it to find out if he was really going to do it. Then Dwayne made it perfectly clear that he was indeed going to fight Joey that day in the park. Even though he was bigger than Joey, because he insulted him, his friends and his class 8D.

Then Scooter asked him what beating Joey would prove. Dwayne said it would make him feel good, as he walked off students around the area looked disgusted. Scooter also looked upset and disappointed. It was like he had realized that his new friend really wasn't what he thought he was after all. So he didn't come to watch the fight. The next morning Dwayne acted like nothing had happened and he tried to asked Scooter how he was doing. Scooter called him a bully and walked away from him. So Dwayne and Scooter haven't associated with each other since then.