Ed Powell is the husband in the couple that adopted Tyson from K.C. Guthrie and Jenna Middleton with his wife Cathy Powell. He is portrayed by Tim Beresford.

Character History

Season 11

Ed and kathy

Ed with Cathy talking to Jenna and K.C.

In Extraordinary Machine (1), Jenna and K.C. talk to Cathy and Ed about adopting Tyson. Jenna tells them that she would be honored if they raised Tyson.

In Need You Now (1), Cathy and Ed invite K.C. to Tyson's Christening, but he misses it. Cathy and Ed seem happy when K.C. come to visit, and invite him to join them on a walk with Tyson. Ed and Cathy reveal that they renamed Tyson, Doug, after Ed's father. Ed calls K.C. a good man for making the trip up to visit Tyson.

In Need You Now (2), K.C. randomly shows up at the Powells, who are surprised to see him, as they are on the way to visit Ed's parents. K.C. wants to be more involved with Tyson, but the Powells promise to call to set up another time for him to visit.