"Clare Edwards, you are the most incredible person I've ever met. And I know this isn't how you planned for things to go and I know it's scary but I feel really lucky to be part of this journey with you. I love you and I'll always be here for you no matter what."
— Eli to Clare in Ready or Not

The relationship between Eli Goldsworthy and Clare Edwards is known as Eclare (Eli/Clare). It began in the tenth season of Degrassi.

Relationship History


Their first relationship began in the episode All Falls Down (1) and ended in the episode Drop the World (2) because Eli was too unpredictable and possessive; Clare had felt as if he was manipulating and suffocating her. In In The Cold, Cold Night (2) they rekindled their romance when they kissed at the Frostival. In Come As You Are (1) they officially got back together after returning to Degrassi following winter break. Eli broke up with Clare in Ray of Light (2) because he believed Clare was the reason he was having trouble coping with finding Cam's body after he committed suicide. They reunited again during The Time of My Life and in the same episode made love to each other for the first time. Over the summer, Clare was diagnosed with cancer, and Eli took time off from his internship and living in New York to help care for her. After Clare recovered and when college started up, Eli returned to New York, where he later cheated on Clare with his roommate Lenore, which he revealed to Clare in Black Or White, prompting the end of their relationship once again. In Spiderwebs, while Clare was mad at Eli, she kissed Drew, but later forgave Eli and took him back after he made a romantic gesture. In Sparks Will Fly (1), Clare broke up with Eli because she said he was never there for and she had feelings for Drew. Clare saw Eli again in New York where they re-connected and Eli told her he still loved her and then Clare found out she was pregnant. Eli and Clare were trying to get things back on track but Eli couldn't deal with the fact the baby wasn't his or so they thought, Clare later found out the baby was his and planned to tell him before Eli blew up at her and Clare decided not too tell him. When Eli found out the truth from Imogen he apologized to Clare and asked to be a part of the baby's life and Clare eventually agreed to them being parents together to their kid.

Eli and Clare get back together in Ready or Not.

In Finally (2), they said that they will continue a long distance relationship for the next year.

Season 10

Clare and Eli at their lockers

Eli and Clare


Eli runs over Clare's glasses.

In Breakaway (2), Eli and Clare first meet after Eli runs over Clare's glasses with Morty, Eli's hearse. Eli then tells her that he thinks they are dead. Clare explains to him that she just had eye surgery and doesn't need them any more. Eli then tells Clare she has pretty eyes, smirks, and drives away. Alli tells Clare that she's seen that look on her face before. Clare tells her she has no idea what she is talking about, while she confidently throws her glasses away.

In Better Off Alone (1), Eli and Clare become English partners for the semester, so once Eli reads Clare's paper, they both agree that it's not very good work. Eli then gets the idea that she could skip class to write a better one. She then starts walking out the door, then turns around and asks, "Well, are you coming?" Eli shrugs and follows. They are later found on a bench (which later becomes "their bench"), Eli and Clare start talking about the English assignment and Eli tells Clare that she needs to write about something that pisses her off. She jokes, by saying, "Like my English partner?" Eli then says ouchh! By making also a joke. Eli then asks, "If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?" "My parents," Eli tells Clare to write about that, but she says it's too personal. Eli tells Clare she cares too much about what people think. Eli has Clare publicly embarrass herself to prove it's not true. Later that night, Eli and Clare chat on IM. Eli invites Clare to hang out, but she denies his invite because of family issues.

In Better Off Alone (2),
B eli and clare

Eli and Clare

Eli meets Clare at her locker to ask her why she didn't want to hang out, but when Clare starts ranting about her parents' relationship, Eli stops her and asks her to start over again. After Clare calmly explains what happened, Eli tells her she could write about how she feels for her English assignment. When Eli tells Ms. Dawes that Clare needs a bigger audience, Clare is upset. Later that afternoon, Eli comes by Clare's house surprising her. After a few sarcastic comments, Eli apologizes for interfering and promises not to do it again. Clare then grabs Eli's hand on the door of his hearse, and says, "You can interfere every once and a while, but I'm still going to do whatever I want." Then she smiles as Eli drives away.

In Try Honesty (1), Eli tells Clare about how Fitz snapped Morty's hood ornament off. Eli is angered further when Fitz pushes Adam against the lockers. Clare tells Eli to ignore Fitz, but he doesn't listen, saying the only way to deal with a bully is refusing to be the victim. The next morning, Eli tells Clare that he considered her theory, but it was unsatisfying. Clare tells Eli he doesn't have to impress her and Eli asks Clare what made her think that. After Fitz says a few snide remarks, he knees Eli in the "nards." Eli then is convinced that he should beat up Fitz. Clare disagrees and says that it will only make things worse.

Clare Touches Eli's Lip

Clare touches Eli's Cut lip after his fight with Fitz.

In Try Honesty (2), Eli and Fitz fight, resulting in Eli getting a bloody lip. Clare finds Eli after the fight, and Eli tells her he had Fitz arrested. Clare starts to worry about what Fitz will do to retaliate.

In My Body Is A Cage (1), Clare walks up to Eli and Adam and tells Eli that she doesn't approve of the Clara Edwin character he wrote about and that he should fix it. Adam then says that the two of them give him the runts and Eli says it's entertaining. The next day Clare and Eli are sitting on a picnic bench talking about how Adam had tampons and what he needed them for. Adam comes up to them and tells them that he is an FTM.

In My Body Is A Cage (2), Eli and Clare are seen in a hallway talking on a bench when Adam comes up to them to tell them that he must be escorted to every class by a teacher. He also tells them that his grandma has never met "Adam" before and both Eli tells him that he shouldn't worry about it and that she'll accept him in time. The next day Eli and Clare are seen with Adam building a fire so that he can burn his old "Gracie" clothes along with Adam's family.

1st Kiss 2

Eli and Clare share their first kiss while filming an assignment for Ms. Dawes.

In Still Fighting It (1), Eli and Clare argue flirtingly about their assignment to film modernized scenes of Romeo & Juliet. Eli, Clare, and Adam start to film. Eli and Clare share their first kiss during the kissing scene, but afterwards, Eli becomes distant and rejects her.

In Still Fighting It (2), Clare is seen fixing the English assignment so there's no kissing scene. Later Clare asks Adam to help understand Eli and find out why he has been giving her mixed signals. Clare confronts Eli at his house, and Eli drives Clare to a spot in town where his ex-girlfriend, Julia had died on the way home, by getting hit by a car while riding her bike, from an argument they had. Eli blames himself and admits that he really likes Clare but that he does not deserve to be happy and they drive away slowly. Later Clare, Eli and Adam are seen in Ms. Dawes classroom turning in the final project (with the kissing scene) they all walk away happy when Eli tells Clare that he likes the idea of giving him space and time to get over his ex-girlfriend.

In Purple Pills (1), Eli tells Adam that he is bailing on their guys night because he has to "study", but Adam comes to The Dot later that afternoon and sees Clare and Eli alone. Adam bitterly tells Eli that he doesn't want to ruin their little date. At lunch Adam decides to sit with Fitz instead of Eli and Clare to show that he is mad at them for becoming a third wheel. Later when Eli tries to apologize Adam, Adam asks him to hang out that night. However, Eli tells him he already has plans with Clare but promises to call him after. Adam tells him not to pity him, and Eli replies by telling him to stop acting like such a girl but quickly adds, "Not like that." Adam still isn't convinced that he is truly sorry and tells him he has new friends, and doesn't need them anymore. Before walking away, Eli tells him that he does pity him because Fitz isn't his friend.

In Purple Pills (2), Eli and Clare try to convince Adam to not fight Fitz to solve his problems. Ignoring their comments Adam walks away annoyed claiming he can fight his own battles. Eli tells Clare that they have to stop him and Clare asks him how. When he doesn't respond, she says, "For once you have no sneaky plans up your sleeve?" He smirks, shakes his head, and walks away. Later, Eli meets Adam in the place he is going to fight Fitz. Eli tells him that he isn't going anywhere, and that he will always be there to stand up for him, proving that they are friends once again. While Adam is fighting Fitz, Clare sets off a stink bomb to create a distraction. 

In All Falls Down (1), Fitz threatens to harm Eli. Clare is seen trying to hide from the principal after setting off a stink bomb, Eli scares her by saying, "Hiding from the PoPo?" After a small conversation, Eli tells Principal Simpson that Fitz released a stink bomb during a test, Eli tells Clare that there needs to be some way to "thank him." she asks, "What did you have in mind?" Eli quickly responds by saying "well I don't know" and kisses her. After the kiss, Eli tells Clare he has a French exam, Clare replies, "I think you just passed it," Clare is later seen talking to Alli about the kiss. Even more later, they are both seen at Eli's locker talking about the dance when Fitz comes up and after a few remarks, Fitz has Eli in a head-lock, but then, once a teacher walks by, Fitz lets Eli go. Eli and Clare talk
about Fitz, and Eli says, "The only way to avoid a bully is to keep him scared," "Or, you could just lay low with your girlfriend," Eli then smiles and says, "Twist my rubber arm.. Girlfriend," and the walk away smiling. Later, Fitz threatens to hurt Eli, unless Clare goes to the dance with him, Clare accepts. When she tells Eli, Eli is okay with it, but then later, he comes to Clare's house with Emetic and says to put it in Fitz's drink at the dance, Clare refuses and storms away.

In All Falls Down (2), Clare tries to end the feud between Eli and Fitz, but when Eli's tainted drink causes Fitz to vomit, Fitz brings out a knife in search for him. Clare immediately tells Principal Simpson, which is followed by the school being put into lockdown, and the police searching the school. Fitz threatens Eli with the knife, decides not to stab him, but is still taken into police custody.

In Love Lockdown (1), Clare's parents are still fighting, but her fledgling romance with Eli is keeping her happily distracted. So when the dreaded "family talk" is scheduled for the same night as her first real date with Eli, Clare ditches her parents for a night of rebellion.

Emo Clare

Clare trying to anger her parents.

In Love Lockdown (2), Clare's rebellion seems to be creating common ground for her parents, she has just the thing to bring them back together: her guy-linered, dress-code flouting, atheist boyfriend, Eli. She invites him to dinner with her parents, where she tells them everything about Eli that her parents would not approve of. The next day Clare shows up to school in non-school uniform sexy clothes, trying to seduce Eli. He asks who she is and why she is doing this. She replies by telling him she is doing this because she likes when her parents are mad at her so they aren't mad at each other, and that she is just scared for her parents' divorce. He tells her that she only hurt him by doing all this to get back at her parents.

In Umbrella (1), Clare feels as if her own family is falling apart until that is, when Eli's parents give her a strange offer. Clare learns more about Eli's past with Julia and realizes how different the two of them are. She think about her parents and jumps to the conclusion that she and Eli will break up sooner or later. When her mom tells her that she wishes she would have taken risks earlier in her marriage, Clare has an idea. she goes to Eli's house and asks to spend the night with him. Eli declines, as he says it's against Clare's morals. Clare becomes disappointed and leaves on her bike. In a deleted scene, Bullfrog and Cece sing a song I am dancing on a high wheel and bringing my son Eli who later called a villian.

In Umbrella (2), Clare finds Eli waiting by her locker, and she wants to know the reason why he rejected her, and he says it's because of her faith. She says they both know he doesn't believe in her faith and demands to know the real reason he wouldn't let her in. He says he cares about her and that's it, but she thinks it has something to do with Julia. Eli denies this but rejects her once more when she asks to come over again. She wants her dad's watch back but he tells her that he brought it home, and leaves while Clare shouts at him for not giving back her watch. Clare meets up with Adam and tells him about how Eli rejected her and he wouldn't let her into his bedroom even though his parents said it was okay. She tells Adam about wanting her dad's watch back and is planning to sneak into Eli's room during lunch hour. She asks Adam where he would keep it, but Adam tells her he's never went into Eli's bedroom, and he said Eli has a lock on his bedroom door. Clare insists she wants the watch back. Later during lunch hour, Adam meets up with Clare in front of Eli's house. Mr. Goldsworthy answers the door, half asleep,

and Clare says she is there to pick up Eli's English homework. Mr. Goldsworthy tells them nobody is allowed in Eli's room, but Clare says she knows Eli's combination, and he lets them in. She tries to guess the combination but it doesn't work. Adam suggests the date of Julia’s death and it works. They open the door to Eli's bedroom and find out it's a really messy room. Back at school, Clare is waiting by Eli's locker and says she understands he didn't reject her but that he's just embarrassed because he's messy but it's okay because she can deal with messy. Eli opens his locker and finds out Clare cleaned out his locker. He starts to freakout and runs to the recycle bin to get the stuff she threw out. She tries to calm him down but he yells at her, which scares her, and tells Clare to go away. Shocked, she backs away from him and walks off.
Umbrella Kiss

Eli and Clare kiss while they clean up Eli's room.

Eli shows up at Clare’s house and explains why he hangs on to things. Clare suggests that Eli is a hoarder and tells him she's going to stand by him just like he's supported her. They start the long process of throwing things out in his room, with Clare by his side for every item.

In Halo (1), Eli and Clare are holding hands before Adam teases them, which causes them to let go of each others hand. They laugh about it, and Eli asks Adam about his current love interest, Fiona. Eli and Clare later take Adam to their secret romantic hideout. Eli jokes about deflowering Clare in the spot where Adam was standing, which Clare quickly denies and tells him they only had a pinic and kissed. Adam comes up with the idea of throwing a party to cheer Fiona up in their hideout, but Eli is hesitant about the idea.


Eli and Clare cuddle in a hammock at Adam's Party

In Halo (2), Eli helps Clare and Adam set up for the party in the abandoned church grounds for the party. Eli attends the party and is amazed at how many people showed up. His viewpoint changed, and now believes that they possibly could be the "party-throwing types." He questions Adam about when Fiona would be arriving. Later that evening, Eli and Clare cuddle in a hammock, looking at the stars.

In When Love Takes Over, Clare and Eli are seen with Adam in the auditorium watching Fiona audition. She agrees to give Fiona the part. Later on, Clare is on the stage, in the background, while Adam is talking to Fiona. The next day, Clare and Eli are getting ready for rehearsal and waiting for Adam and Fiona to show. She asks Adam if he wanted to join them for the Lover's Lunch in the cafeteria. They then proceed then with practice. At lunch, the three are waiting for Fiona. When Fiona finally arrives, it is clear that Fiona is drunk, Fiona looks at Clare and says that she has pretty eyes and wants them to go shopping together since they "hit it off" and asks Clare to call her. Adam pulls Fiona away leaving Clare and Eli confused. Clare and Eli try and find Adam after he cancels practice. He apologizes for Fiona about the lunch incident, which Clare tells him not to be sorry for. Eli then replies with "Women are trouble." Clare asks, "Even me?" He smirks and says, "Especially you." He wraps his arm around her and pulls her close. They look at each other for a moment. Adam confesses he wants what they have. Eli reassures him he will and the trio begin to walk out of the auditorium until Fiona walks in thinking there was practice. Clare and Eli leave Adam and Fiona to talk. The next time Clare is seen is at The Dot with Eli and Adam. She tells Adam, "She will change her mind" about not wanted to see him ever again. Then Adam gets up to wallow in self-pity and bumps into Holly J., leaving Clare and Eli to chat at the table.

180px-Tumblr lg9q7oOtg71qet573
In Jesus, Etc. (1), Clare is receiving driving lessons from Eli. As Clare steps on the gas pedal, Clare and Eli run into Fitz and are shocked by Fitz's sudden return, Clare drives off leaving Fitz by himself. Later Fitz goes up to Clare and tells her he found God. Fitz runs away when Eli drives up in his hearse. Eli tells Clare to stay away from Fitz and that she is making it hard to do his job to protect her, she leaves out of the hearse. The next morning Clare is walking from the bus while Eli is leaning on his hearse watching out for Fitz. She asks him what he's doing and she walks away when she hears the answer. Then at The Dot Clare and Adam are talking then they notice Fitz is working at The Dot. Later Adam leaves The Dot and Clare walks up to Fitz and asks why he needed to talk to her and that he should keep a distance from her and Eli. Eli then drives up to the dot to see them talking. He angrily walks up, breaks the conversation and shoves Fitz and tells him to back off, asking Clare if she's okay. Fitz then apologizes to him. Eli hesitates and asks Clare if she's leaving with him. She hesitates and says yes and they leave.

In Jesus, Etc. (2), Eli is first seen reading in an empty classroom when Clare comes up to him and apologizes about talking to Fitz and freaking him out. He says it's okay and continues reading his edited story. Clare asks him what he thought about the changes she made to his story. He stands up and tells her she improved it and he's impressed. She throws her arms around him and gives him a hug. She tells him that he has nothing to worry about and promises to not let anyone come in between them. He says they should promise not to fight anymore and then she gives him a quick kiss before the bell rings. Later, Clare tells him over the phone that when he's done working on his story, he can come over to her house. When he arrives, he is shocked to see Fitz standing with Clare in her living room. Clare explains that Fitz had just showed up, beaten up, and that he's having problems at home. Eli says it's just another lie and asks her why she even cares. She tells him anyone with a heart would care about someone in trouble. Eli responds by asking her if she's saying he's some heartless monster to which she blurts out "sometimes." Both seems surprised by the comment and Eli just stares at her in disbelief. Fitz chimes in saying that he and Eli need to talk. Eli turns his attention to Fitz saying he has nothing to say to him and walks out. After Fitz leaves, Clare comes outside to find Eli sitting in Morty will his head down. She gets in and apologizes for calling him heartless and says she didn't mean it. He says it's fine and he deserved it. When he lifts his head up it shows that he is crying. He tells her that he doesn't want to lose her but feels like she's slipping away and there's nothing he can do to stop it. He asks her to promise not to leave him and she agrees. The next day, he tells her that he finished the story and changed the ending after being inspired by what happened with them and Fitz the previous day. He tells her that in the story, the hero realizes he can't protect the heroine so he kills her, drinks her blood, and that way they can be together forever as one. Clare says that's disturbing but he says it's his masterpiece and a true horror story. He tells her he couldn't have written it without her and that it's all about her. Clare seems unsettled by this but just brushes it off with an nervous joke. Eli says he owes her a driving lesson and gestures toward the exit. Before leaving, Eli publicly declares his love for Clare and puts his arm around her. They smile at each other and once they turn away, both of their faces change. While she looks somewhat nervous and uncomfortable, he looks somewhat possessive and sinister. They then walk off, with Clare looking rather uncomfortable.

In Drop the World (1), Eli sprints to the school to find Clare, who is shocked to find that her name is listed as one of the authors in his new story, Stalker Angel. She is not nearly as excited as Eli would like her to be. Alli walks by at the perfect moment and Clare makes up an excuse that she and Alli need time to talk about their dresses for the dance. Eli makes fun of Clare for wanting to go to the dance and tells her that it’s trivial compared to his story being published, but Clare just tells him to not bother coming to the dance if he is not interested, leaving Eli confused.

Eli begins to act strange.

Later on, Clare and Eli are hanging out on top of Morty in the woods and Clare starts to dance when a song she likes comes on the radio. Instead of joining in, Eli makes fun of her choice in music. Then, Eli tells Clare that he talked to her mom and that she is allowed to travel with Eli and his family to the Gothic convention. Upset that Eli talked to her mom before her, Clare is hesitant to accept his invite, but finally says yes. Clare meets Eli at their bench later that day and tells him that she figured things out and realizes that Eli has been acting differently because he is thinking about Julia. Eli denies this and tells Clare that he never thinks about Julia anymore, but she doesn’t believe him. Clare tells Eli that she needs a break from him and won’t be going to Bloomington. Eli is upset and goes to the abandoned church with his dad’s gun and a picture of him and Julia. Eli then yells at the picture as if he were talking to Julia, saying that she is the reason that Clare hates him, and that she ruined his life. Afterwards, he hesitates and then calmly says "Not anymore" And shoots the picture of the two of them. In Drop the World (2), Eli gets out of his car to find Clare walking up to the school. He tries to convince her that he is over Julia, but Clare tells him to give her some space, which he agrees to. Then, Clare sees a gun inside Morty's trunk and gets scared, so she hugs Eli and tells him to walk her to her locker. Eli asks her what happened to her needing space, but she brushes it off. Later on during class, Adam wonders why Eli isn't sitting next to Clare. Eli tells him that's he's giving her some space. Later on, Eli finds Clare in the cafeteria. Eli is surprised to hear that it was Clare who called his dad. Then, after a quick conversation where Eli asks Clare what her plans for the night are, he asks her to meet him at their special bench at 9:00 so that they can go on their trip, saying that it would mean everything to him. At 9:00, Eli is ready to go and is waiting for Clare at their special bench. However, Clare shows up at the spring formal instead. At the spring formal, Alli tries to convince Clare to break up with Eli, but Clare is hesitant do so. Alli tells her that he is manipulating her and that breaking up with him wouldn't make her a bad person. Clare comes to a decision that she needs some space from Eli. Meanwhile, Eli is still waiting for Clare to show up at their special bench. Eventually, he gets in Morty and drives off. He calls Clare, frustrated and hurt, and screams that she ripped his heart out. They both argue on the phone. Clare brings up that she hates Morty after Eli talks about the trip to Bloomington again, and Eli realizes that if she really hates Morty, he's going get rid of him to please her.

Eli and Clare in the hospital after Eli crashes Morty

Clare tells him that they need to break up, but Eli doesn't listen to her, and just focuses on getting rid of Morty. He intentionally loses control of Morty, and crashes him, therefore killing him. Clare gets worried when Eli doesn't answer and she hears a crash. Clare frantically rushes to the hospital to find out that (thankfully) Eli is still alive, but that he crashed Morty on purpose. Clare tells him he's manipulating her, and that he scares her. She leaves the hospital in tears, therefore officially breaking up with Eli.

Season 11

In LoveGame, Clare can’t believe Eli is over her. She’s convinced his ‘normal’ behavior is a plot to win her back. She attempts to talk to Eli and fails, prompting her to scream the now famous line "Did three months mean nothing?! Did you flip a switch and erase me from your memory? It took you a year! A year to get over your ex! Did you ever love me at all?!" Jake stops her rant with "And... scene" and then drags her out of Above the Dot. The next day, Clare is walking with Alli in the hallways and they talk about her kiss with Jake. She sees Eli at his locker and apologizes for her random outburst last night. Eli tells her he can't feel anything because he is now on anti-anxiety pills prescribed by his therapist. He then walks away leaving her shocked, ashamed, and upset with herself.

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (1), due to his medication, Eli is able to talk to Clare without losing it. She tells him she needs to interview him as part of the drama section in the newspaper. He realizes he's out of time when Clare shows up for the interview. Eli considers resigning from the play, due to lak of inspiration, but the second Fiona asks Eli if Clare's a good writer, Eli rips the resignation out of Fiona's hands and tears it to shreds. Later, Eli still struggles to write. He looks over to the main lobby where Jake and Clare are talking. When he see Clare and Jake laughing and walking off together with their arms around each other, he tries to calm himself but freaks out and breaks a computer.

In U Don’t Know (2), Imogen is seen at Little Miss Steaks spying on Clare with Jake. Eli enters the restaurant thinking Imogen invited him to talk about "Clara." Imogen compliments him, but he shrugs it off. Eli starts to sit down where she is sitting, but Imogen suggests they sit at another spot. Imogen then walks over where Clare and Jake are. They walk in on the couple kissing. Clare then awkwardly introduces Eli to Jake, whom he has met before. Imogen puts her arm around Eli as if they are a couple and calls him 'muffin' twice. He becomes angry, yells at Imogen to stop calling him 'muffin', and leaves.

In Lose Yourself (1), Clare interrupts Eli and Fiona's work on the play to convince Eli not to gossip about her around Jake. Eli puts Clare on edge by referring to Jake as "out of the picture soon enough," and walking away laughing in a very unstable way. Clare later goes through Eli's bag and almost gets caught by Jake. Clare then begins to get worried when she sees Eli has Jake doing things such as hanging lights on an unsteady rafter.

In Lose Yourself (2), Clare is paranoid about Eli doing something to hurt Jake, so she decides to work with him on the play set. Later on, Clare comes to Eli and says that she read the play. He asks her how it was, and she tells him it was beautiful. Eli tells Clare that he made some changes. Clare tells him that he made Clara the hero, and Eli quickly says, "Because she is the hero." Clare and Eli stare at each other until other students walk into the theater for class.

In Extraordinary Machine (1), Bullfrog drives Eli to school and questions his mood when he sees Eli looking at Clare and Jake together. Clare and Eli talk about the new play and firing Jake and they decide to talk at The Dot. Eli is under the impression that it's a date. At The Dot Eli attempts to flirt with Clare which she shuts down. She asks him about Imogen and he gets upset. They start over but Eli becomes flustered when Jake shows up to take Clare to the movies after. After Clare asks if he's OK, he slams his fist hard into the table, causing Jake to come over and check on Clare.

In Extraordinary Machine (2), after Imogen plants pills in Clare's bag, Eli devises a plan to get Clare off the hook, by telling Mr. Simpson that the pills were his, and that Clare was just holding them for him. Mr. Simpson asks Clare if it's true, and she agrees, even though she was still mad.
Normal degrassi machine 13HR

Eli burns the script

Mr. Simpson then tells Eli that he has to tell his parents about the incident, and Eli agrees. In the middle of the play, he looks out to Clare, who is staring at him, and he forgets his lines. Eli begins to get upset and decides to tell the audience that although he changed the ending many times, it still won't be a happy ending. He goes on about how your mind will trick you, and that he was the one who was wrong and he was the one who hurt people, implying he was talking about his relationship with Clare and jerking around Imogen. He starts to burn his script on stage while he cries, and everyone gives him a standing ovation, including Clare, who is also crying.

In Don't Panic (1), Eli later comes up with an idea after seeing Jake and Clare have a fight in the hallway. The idea is to help Jake learn what makes Clare tick.

In Don't Panic (2), Eli has decided that he needs to help Jake win Clare back. So he comes up with a plan to get them together to talk it out. When the three of them are sitting there Eli reveals to them that he is bipolar. In the end Jake and Clare profess their love to one another while Eli watches the couple happily, now that he's in Clare and Jake's good books again.

In Dead and Gone (2), when Vince shows up unexpectedly and shoots Adam, Eli catches him. After Vince runs off, Eli
and Clare are seen kneeling next to Adam. When Adam is placed on the ambulance stretcher, Drew asks Eli and Clare if they will ride with him to the hospital. They agree. In a hospital hallway, Eli and Clare joke with Adam about how girls like scars. When Audra shows up, Eli and Clare give her a moment alone with Adam. Clare gets a text from Jake which is clearly upsetting and after saying her relationship with Jake has gotten complicated, she shows Eli the text. He says he's sorry that they have broken up and Clare says she guesses it wasn't meant to be. They smile at each other, hinting that they might get back together sometime in the future.

In Nowhere to Run, Eli finds Clare in the woods. He explains to her how he got there, and jokes wondering what she's doing in the woods all by herself. She briefly explains being upset over Jake 'moving on,' and tells him that she's glad it was Eli who found her. Eli helps her wrap up her injured hand, and offers her his jacket. They briefly look at each other in silence until Jake and Drew find them, and they all head back to the cabin and Clare returns his jacket. Later Clare tells Jake she thought about kissing Eli to get back at him for kissing Alli. Later, When they all leave the cabin, Clare invites Eli to ride along with her and Jake, since it would be a long trip back by bike. He accepts and thanks her.

In In The Cold, Cold Night (1), Eli makes peace with Clare in the honor of completing the holiday edition of the Degrassi Daily.
Snapshot 2 (2-08-2015 12-51 PM)

Eli and Clare sharing a kiss

In In The Cold, Cold Night (2), Eli tries to talk to Clare but Clare freezes him out. They are later seen at the J.T. Yorke Memorial where they chat and Clare accidentally spills soup on Eli. The next day when they finish the paper Clare and Eli go to the Degrassi Frostival. At the Frostival Clare offers Eli some cotton candy which Eli spits out. Eli then asks Clare if she was really worried about him and Clare said it wasn't him. Then Eli has to go since his family is going away for the holidays. Then, Clare kisses Eli and tells him to hold on to what he's thinking and they'll talk after break.

Season 12

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Season 12 Eclare promo picture

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In Come As You Are (1), Clare wants to talk with Eli about the kiss they shared before break, but he seems to be avoiding the topic. After getting advice from Jake, Clare tries to get Eli to bring it up, but he never does. Getting fed up, Clare confronts him, and Eli admits he didn't bring up their kiss because he made a play last year to get her back and whenever he chases her he feels like he takes 5 steps back from his recovery. He admits that if they get back together, she has to be all in. Clare kisses him and says, "Eli, I am all in." Eli then kisses her and they get back together.
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In Come As You Are (2), the two wake up together, still on the phone with one another from the night before. They are happy they are back together, and excited for their first date together back as a couple. However, Clare's internship starts that very day, though she promises Eli she will make it to their date on time. Eli and Clare share a brief kiss. When Clare is offered a huge opportunity on her first day working, she calls Eli, asking if it would be okay to cancel their date. Eli is okay with it and jokes about the time when he crashed his hearse into a wall. Then tells her that just because they are in a relationship doesn't mean that they have to give up everything.

In Gives You Hell (1), Clare is seen outside prepared to eat her packed lunch when Eli walks by, takes it and throws the sandwich away. Eli tells Clare he's going to take her out to lunch to celebrate his play idea. Eli grimaces when Clare mentions Becky. Eli argues that he should be "Top Dog" because he is more familial with Degrassi's drama club. Clare persuades Eli to be nice. Eli then promises Clare that he'll be nice to Becky. They walk off to lunch as Eli explains his play idea.

In Gives You Hell (2), Eli is seen in the hallway going over list of students that auditioned for the role of Juliet. Clare sees him and asks about the Juliet callbacks. After seeing Eli's frustration, Clare jokes about auditioning, even getting him to smile by doing a little dance. Eli admits to having issues with his partnership with Becky. Clare reminds him that he will be working in these types of situations when he's at college, but Eli believes that this musical won't get him into NYU. Clare tells him, "When we watched The Dark Knight together, you talked nonstop about how Christopher Nolan took all these familiar, played out elements, and made them new again." Clare tells Eli that he should find a way to make it his own and that she believes in him. Eli feels slightly better and affectionately holds her hand while they gaze at each other for a moment.

In Got Your Money (2), Eli mentions to Dave that Clare wanted him to go to the dance to cheer on Adam.

In Closer to Free (2), Clare meets with Eli in the gym during rehearsal, upset about the twitter trend #stuffclaresays. Eli tells her to calm down and just let it blow over.

In Waterfalls (1), Clare, Eli & Alli are seen walking to school; both Eli and Alli tease Clare about Asher. Once Clare gets a phone call from Asher, Eli holds Clare's hand while she talks to him. Clare and Eli are seen in the gym talking about the interview with Asher. Clare says for Eli to be professional and that he can't touch her. Eli tells Clare asks her if he should be jealous of Asher and if anyone gets in between them he'd have to kill them; Clare then says she only has eyes for Eli. They end up holding hands and kissing until Asher walks in. Once Clare comes back from getting coffee for Asher, she briefly talks to Eli about the interview and what they talked about. When Clare is writing the article for the newspaper, Eli is sitting on her couch doing homework. She then tells him she finished it and asks him to read it out loud. Once he sees she only wrote that he was brilliant, he asks why she didn't say handsome too. She then slaps him lightly and rests her head and hands on his shoulder while he continues to read. Clare then realizes she made a mistake on the article; Eli tries to convince her it wasn't that big of a deal while she calls Asher. When he didn't pick up, she leaves to go talk to him.

In Waterfalls (2), Clare is seen in her house when Eli knocks on the door and lets himself in with a stack of the newspapers of which Clare's article was suppose to be in. Eli said he wanted their first time seeing it together to be with each other. He drum roles while Clare opens up the newspaper; she finds the article is not in it and tells Eli she'll get to the bottom of it.
Eclare kiss

Clare kisses Eli after telling him she loves him.

After not telling Eli about Asher sexually harassing her; Eli walks over to a bench where Alli and Clare are hugging. Alli then leaves and Eli gives Clare her article in the newspaper in a frame. Eli suspects somethings wrong but she says she loves him and kisses him. Then Clare tells Eli that the gift is nice; he then puts his arm around her as they continue to sit on the bench.

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In Sabotage (1), Clare is still lying to Eli about Asher and the internship, she meets him in the hallway and tells him she is late to her internship before kissing on the check goodbye. Later, Eli finds Clare in a classroom writing up an article about the Dallas and the hockey team smashing up the school garden and drinking during school. Clare, Eli, Jake, Katie are in the hallway when Dallas confronts Clare and reminds her he knows her secret before leaving. Clare admits to Eli she lost the internship cause Asher thought she wasn't a good enough writer, Eli seems to believe her and watches Clare enter a classroom and sit down looking upset.

In Sabotage (2), Eli organizes a surprise 17th birthday party for Clare to cheer her up with the help of some friends and gets Alli to tell Clare that they have a spa voucher together. Eli and Adam approach Clare in the hallway wishing her a happy birthday when Eli mentions that her co-opt is stupid, Clare tells him his musical of Romeo and Jules is stupid as well before bailing. Adam tells Eli to make it up to Clare by getting her a gift, Eli decides to get her internship back and goes go speak to Asher, Asher tells Eli, Clare is obsessed and in love with him and that's why she got fired. Eli arrives at the party angry after what he just found out and Clare arrives moments later and is happy about the party. Clare approaches Eli telling him thanks for the party and hugs him while telling him she loves him. Clare notices Eli didn't react to the hug or "I love you" and asks what's wrong, Eli tells Clare he saw Asher today and that Asher told him that she was obsessed and in love with him, and that's why she got fired. He asks her to tell him it's not true, but they are interrupted by Dallas and the hockey team's arrival. Dallas gives Clare some beer as a present, and Eli asks Clare what's Dallas is on about. Jake and Katie approach them, wanting to kick Dallas and his team out. Clare tells them it's fine, but Eli wants answers about Dallas. Clare tells Eli Dallas is a jerk, but Dallas doesn't take kindly to this and asks Eli if he knows the truth about Clare's mentor. Dallas doesn't spill, though, saying he can keep a secret, Eli asks Clare what happened between her and Asher. Clare says she can't tell him before bailing to a bedroom. Alli stops Eli from leaving, telling him to make Clare talk to him. Eli enters a room Clare is in and tells her that Alli made him stay, and Clare tells him Alli has been begging her to tell him. Eli tells Clare to tell him right now, but Clare says it'll change everything. Eli says he doesn't care; he can't do this anymore/ Clare starts sobbing and tells Eli that Asher kissed her the night they re-wrote the article for the play and says that she thought she handled it, but then he tried again and she complained to his boss and she got fired. Eli asks why didn't she tell him. Clare says she doesn't know and just to add it to the list of things she's done wrong, and she starts listing things she'd done wrong in this situation. She sits down on the bed with Eli. Clare tells Eli it's her fault this happened, but Eli tells her she is wrong, it's not her fault, it's Asher's and that he doesn't blame her. Eli says she thought he'd go crazy but Clare says instead she went crazy on her own. Eli tells Clare that they'll get through this before pulling her to him in a hug.
232px-Tumblr m8jze5wFOS1r93u0so2 500

After Clare tells Eli about Asher

Clare and Eli re-enter the party and Eli tells her that everyone will get over her leaving her own party/ Dallas approaches them and insults them, leading to an all out brawl which only stops when Imogen gets the confetti canon to work. Fiona succeeds in kicking out Dallas and the hockey team. Clare is with Eli asking if he is ok, and Eli says he's fine but his hand hurts. Clare kisses him before they leave. On a balcony, Clare applies an icepack to Eli's hand and tells him that if hadn't of punched Dallas she would have. Eli says Dallas's face is like a brick wall. Clare says it was stupid to go after the hockey team when Asher is the one she wants. Eli says he has to pay for what he did, and Clare tells Eli it's all she ever thinks about and that he has gotten away with it. Eli says he can't accept that. Clare asks if he's going to do something to him, and Eli says, "No.. we are," and Clare says, "Together." They share a kiss and then look at each other.

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In Scream (1) ,Clare asks Eli if he found out a way to get revenge on Asher, but Eli is busy with the play. He promises her he will work on it and they share a hug. Clare returns to Eli again and he still doesn't have a plan, but promises again to work on it and Clare kisses him on the head before bailing. The third time, he realizes that all the 'good plans' he had went wrong so they shouldn't sneak into Asher's office, but instead, she should talk to Ms. Oh. She refuses but Eli already did and Ms.Oh is waiting to talk to her.

In Scream (2), Clare is mad at Eli for telling Ms. Oh the truth about what happened with Asher and the internship, When they are in the hallway, Clare tells Eli to go to hell before attempting to walk off, Eli tells Clare he thinks her revenge plan isn't going to work and doesn't believe it's the right thing to do, Clare asks Eli if he is in or not, Eli says he's not and Clare tells him to go to his stupid play, Eli hesitates and when Clare repeats herself
Eli bails. Later after the play is over, Clare arrives with flowers for Eli and stands near Adam as he watches Eli get up on a table being congratulated for the play being a success, Eli gets down and approaches Clare, Clare admits she missed the play but promises to go to each and every one of the 7 remaining shows. Clare tells Eli about her plan with the naked photos not working out and that Jennifer another intern is going to the police with her to tell them what happened with Asher sexually assaulting them both. Clare tries to quote a line from the play but Eli tells her they have to stop thinking of themselves as Romeo and Juliet cause looked how that turned out. Eli asks Clare about the naked photos; once she says she deleted them he then says he'll just have to settle for the real thing. Eli tells Clare he loves her and Clare says forever and always and they kiss.

In Building A Mystery (1), Eli and Clare are walking hand in hand towards the school and talking about Eli’s new project he has yet to think of, Becky bumps into them and says sorry before leaving, and they watch her go. Eli runs up to Clare in the corridor, Clare asks if he is excited or freaking out, Eli says both and then says this is going

to be the best term ever, Clare asks why And Eli tells her that the NYU Grad Brett Barnet will be guest starring in his class this week so he can get him to write him a reference for NYU, Eli puts his arm around Clare as they walk off. Clare approaches Eli who is sitting in a classroom; Eli tells Clare he has no ideas for the short film project and that he needs to impress Brett if he wants that reference letter, Clare tells Eli to relax and that he can do this, she offers Jake to help him as Clare bails.

In Building A Mystery (2), Eli is telling Clare about his project feeling really good this morning and that Jake helped him get over his writers block, she kisses him goodbye and wishes him luck. Later, Eli is telling Clare what a disaster his project was and then admits to smoking some good bowls of weed with Jake and now he thinks that he's not good enough for NYU, Clare quotes batman to Eli before taking his hand and telling him he can do anything, even if he doesn't know it yet, she does, Clare then offers to help Eli on his project. Eli later hopes Brett his new project which is about him and Clare's relationship and him leaving her behind next year, Brett is impressed and gives Eli a reference letter.

In I Want It That Way (1), Clare mentions to Alli and Jenna that she and Eli will be seeing a Jay Z concert that she got tickets to.

In Tonight, Tonight, While Eli and Clare are studying on Clare's bed she brings up university and then looks sad because she knows Eli is leaving so soon. Clare's mom, Helen Martin, comes in at exactly 8 pm and tells Eli it is time to leave. Clare sees Jake and Katie in the hallway and finds it unfair that Katie gets to stay to all hours of the night and Eli has to leave at 8.

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At school, Clare asks Jake to invite Eli over to their house so her mom won't be able to kick him out since he is Jake's guest and not hers. Later, at the Edwards-Martin's household Clare is forced to go to the craft fair with her mom, even though she was supposed to spend the afternoon with Eli. She tells him he doesn't have to stay and they share a brief kiss. She comes home to find Eli and Jake high, takes the weed, and tells Eli to go upstairs to her bedroom so her mom won't catch him. She goes upstairs to find Eli, after talking to her mom and covering for Jake. She finds him sleeping in her bed, and wakes him up.

He tells her it's "sleep time," and refuses to get up. She asks him how he is at jumping out windows, he gets out of her bed shirtless and replies by telling her, "that's high, I'm high...sorry I'm such a bad boyfriend.."


Helen catches Eli shirtless

Helen comes in and catches Eli shirtless and he leaves embarrassed. She finds the weed on Clare's bed and asks if Eli is a druggie. She forbids him from ever stepping foot in their household again. Clare tells her it was Jake's fault and that he gave it to Eli. Jake hears this while standing in the doorway. He tells Clare's mom that they did smoke but not in the house. Helen is furious and tells him his dad will deal with it later. Clare, Jake, and their parents have a family meeting about the double standard, and Clare feels she is treated unfairly. While her mom isn't looking Clare steals Jake's truck and meets Eli in town. He tells her how hot she looks in a truck and the two of them drive to watch WhisperHug perform.
Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 6.50.24 PM

She gets a call from her mom once she gets there, expecting to be yelled at, but to her surprise her mom tells her that Eli is allowed to stay until 10pm from now on. And not only that, but they are allowed to stay out until 11pm since they don't have school tomorrow due to spring break. They smile at each other and share a sweet kiss.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Clare can't go in her locker because her locker is moved.  Eli offers to share his locker with her and convinces Dave it will turn out fine, eve
n though Dave doesn't think it will. When he is leaving for class, he notices that Clare's diary fell onto his books, but doesn't have time to return it. In class, he ends up reading it and sees her old entries about her love for Jake. He becomes jealous and when Clare asks him is he has her diary, he lies and says no. She becomes suspicious after he acts hostile towards Jake and he admits to stealing it. Clare gets upset with him for invading her privacy and storms off.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Eli apologizes to Clare about reading her diary and she forgives him. She tells Eli that she is ready to take "the next step" and then Eli suggest to eat breakfast and to make a plan for it. As they are walking, Eli discovers Cam's body in the greenhouse and protects Clare from looking. In shock, he tells her not to look and to go find a teacher and call 911.


In Ray of Light (1), Clare asks Fiona to ask Eli to do the video yearbook to help get him of his slump. Eli agrees and later finds out Clare was the one who put Fiona up to it. Clare explains she thought it would be good for him, so Eli continues doing the video. Later, when Eli is asked to put Cam in the video, Clare offers her help because she is worried about him, but Eli declines and suggest going on a random adventure to party with random people. Clare laughs but doesn't agree to go. She tells Eli that she is worried he is avoiding talking about what he saw and thinks he should talk about it.  


In Ray of Light (2), Eli is seen walking with Clare and talks about how good he's feeling. Then, Talia comes up to him, gives him back his shirt, and asks him he's still "coming down." Clare seems to be upset about this and Eli tries to convince her not to worry. Clare questions him on what he's "coming down" on and Eli reveals that he went to the secret party with Jake and Mo and too MDMA. That worries Clare and he tells her that he won't ever do it again. Clare walks away and Eli unrolls his shirt and a baggies falls out. It contains MDMA and a note that reads "Leftovers, enjoy." During school, he and Fiona practice for his interview for NYU. While they practice, Fiona tells him that he doesn't have to do the video year book anymore. Eli says he'll get right back to it as soon as he's done with his interview's over and Fiona tells him that she doesn't want to leave him with a burden. He then finds out it was Clare who convinced Fiona to talk Eli out of it since it seems to be putting Eli in a bad place. Eli retaliates by going into the cafeteria and taking away Clare's food. Clare questions him about it and he says that it's too spicy and she wouldn't be able to handle it referring to how she got him out of the video yearbook because she believes he couldn't handle it. She tells him that the last time he worked on the yearbook, he did drugs. She tells him that he should postpone his interview that's suppose to take place shortly and Eli doesn't listen. 

After his successful interview, Eli runs through the cafeteria and high fives people. He runs into Clare and tells her that the interview went great and they hug. He tries to convince her to celebrate and Clare thinks that they should talk about what happened to Cam. Eli isn't comfortable with talking and thinks about seeing Cam's body. He then sits on a stage and decides to do MDMA a second time.

Eli is high on MDMA and is taking a shower in the girl's locker room. Clare and Alli find him there and Clare asks him why he's in the girl's locker room taking a shower with his clothes on. Eli says he's nothing thinking about nothing and takes off his clothes as he says that Clare has been forcing him frequently talk about his issues. He is now fully naked, making all of the girls in the locker room freak out and Alli is grossed out by it. He asks Clare about the time where she wouldn't have sex with him because he was damaged and points at his penis and asks if he looks damaged to her. He then runs through the school fully naked and has Clare and Alli chasing after him. He runs into Mr. Simpson and freaks him out. Eli then gives angry Mr. Simpson a hug. While In Mr Simpson's office he admits that it could have been him committing suicide last year.

The next day, he stands in the green house where he found Cam and Clare walks in. Clare asks if he's okay and Eli said he talked to his therapist and isn't freaking out or seeing dead bodies. Clare asks if he took drugs because of her and says that he regrets it. Eli says that it was her constantly trying to get him to talk is almost as bad as doing drugs. He tells her that they need time apart because he can't get better. He tells her that Cam isn't the problem, she is and they break up. Later, he watches the video yearbook with many other students. They all enjoy it. He sees Clare out in the hallway crying and looks away.
In Zombie (1), Dave believes Eli is a mess from his break up with Clare because he's very absorbed in working on his Zombie movie. This leads Connor to believe that Eli and Alli should be together since Alli was recently rejected by Dallas. When Alli receives a bouque of flowers from "Eli" when it was really sent by Connor, she believes it's Eli's way of trying to get to Clare.

In Zombie (2), Connor expresses his wanting for Eli and Clare to get back together. While Eli still loves Clare with all his heart, he refuses to get back together with her. However, later in the episode, he confronts Clare again, asking if she wants to be his girlfriend again. Clare turns him down, saying that 'they aren't a fairytale.' Eli sadly walks off.

In The Time of My Life, Eli tries to win Clare back by arriving at her house on Prom Day in a carriage and he is dressed like a Prince. However, Clare already has plans to go to Prom with Cliff. Cliff shows up a little after Eli does and Eli asks who he is. Cliff states he is Clare's prom date, and asks who Eli is. Eli responds with, "I'm her soul mate." Clare arrives at prom with Cliff. Clare ends up venting about Eli to Cliff and finds out Cliff is gay. Later, Fiona announces that the prom King and Queen are Eli and Clare. (Eli had rigged the ballot).
However, Clare is still upset at Eli for leaving her prior to Prom and runs off, leaving Eli on stage by himself. Eli searches for Clare and finds her crying in a closet. He apologizes for the way he acted when he broke up with her and says he can't stop thinking about her. He announces that he is only going to be in an area for one more day, which makes Clare very upset. Eli tells her they shouldn't waste the night and offers Clare her crown. They enjoy prom together and later decide to go to a hotel to spend the night together. After arriving at the hotel, Clare voices her concerns about their night together being a letdown. However, Eli reassures Clare their first time together won't be a disappointment and the two sleep together. At graduation, Eli hugs Clare and tells her he doesn't want to let go (to toss his cap). Clare is hesitant to tell Eli she may be seriously ill (possibly being diagnosed with cancer). Instead, she chooses not to ruin their last day together and tells him she doesn't want to hold him back. He refuses to give up on their relationship and leaves to toss his cap, taking Clare with him on stage refusing to let her go for even a moment. The episode closes with Eli and Clare kissing with other graduates surrounding them.

Season 13


Clare texts a picture of a sexy outfit to Eli.

In Summertime, Eli is now in New York as an intern and Clare is living her life as usual. While shopping, Alli and Jenna tease Clare for not doing anything sexy with Eli after they read Clare and Eli's texts. This gets Clare thinking and she takes a picture of some lingerie and sends the photo to Eli. Clare calls Eli later and asks him if it's bad time to be calling and he says it's never a bad time for her. She asks him what he thought of the picture. Eli says yes and asks her if she's implying anything. Clare suggests they do something sexy in order for her not to miss him so much. Eli is shocked, but agrees and they make plans to have video chat sex.

Clare tells Eli that she has Cancer.

Eli and Clare start their video chat and Clare begins to take her cardigan and asks if she should take her pants off too. The atmosphere is a bit awkward, but that doesn't stop them from continuing. Clare tells Eli that he should take something off too. As Clare begins to take off her pants, she is interrupted by her mother, who says she needs to speak with Clare downstairs. Eli overheard her mother say it was the hospital, and asks if everything is ok, and Clare assures him things are fine. Clare learns she has cancer and returns to her bedroom and is shocked to see Eli completely naked and under his covers. He says, "Where we were?" and removes the covers exposing himself. Clare tells him to cover up and tells him the news in which he responds, "Okay, I'm coming home." Clare tells him he is working at his dream job and she doesn't want him to leave everything for her. Clare assures him she will be fine and take care of herself and tells him that if he comes home, she will be mad.


Eli returns home to take care of Clare and help her fight Cancer.

After being in the hospital for awhile, Clare's strength crumbles. She packs up her things and begins to leave the hospital. Before she leaves, Clare stops outside her room and goes to sit in a corner to call Eli. Clare leaves a message for Eli and tells him that she knows she told him not to come back home, but asks him to return anyway and that she's scared. Soon after this, Eli appears and says he left right after Clare told him she had Cancer. Eli comforts her and stays by her side through her treatment.


In All I Wanna Do, Clare and Eli are cuddling on Clare's hospital bed and trying to find something to watch on TV. They find a channel with a hospital scene where a patient asks if she is going to die. Clare turns off the TV and suggests they "play doctor." They begin kissing and some of Clare's hair begins falling out. Clare's nurse walks in and Eli leaves them alone, saying he will come back later. After speaking with Paula, Clare begins to worry that Eli may leave her. Adam visits Clare and accidentally mentions that Eli sent him an email on how to talk to Clare. This upsets Clare and Eli comes into the room with a healthy smoothie for Clare and isn't sure what he did wrong. Clare starts to yell at Eli. While she is getting upset, Clare grabs her hair and more of her hair falls out. Clare tells Eli he should come back later, and Eli and Adam leave to catch up.


Clare shaves her head, and Adam and Drew are the first to see her with no hair. Clare says she doesn't want Eli to see her like this. Adam and Drew suggest she gets a wig. Imogen and Adam later help Clare decide on a wig to keep. Later, Clare prepares for a date with Eli. Eli arrives and is surprised by Clare's new hair. When the truth is revealed, it is shown that he loves Clare's wig. They cuddle on the couch where Eli tells Clare she doesn't need a wig. Clare says she wants to wear a wig and wants things to be perfect. Clare shows Eli the MRI questionnaire and tells him how she thought her situation would be easy, but it's not. She tells him if he wants out, to tell her now. Eli tells her he knows what he is going to have to go through and assures Clare he is all in. They share a kiss and the episode ends.


In My Own Worst Enemy, they are both seen in Clare's hospital room with Clare's mom, Helen, when Clare researches what could happen if the cancer spread. Eli then tells her to put the computer down. Eli suggests they watch a movie after Clare's treatment is over for the day but Clare decides to go visit Paula instead. Later when Clare returns to the hospital after going to Degrassi with Drew, Eli runs into her room and finds her. He frantically asks where she was and tells her how dangerous it was. She tells him that she knows it was stupid and that she's not sure how much time she has left so she wants to spend it in the best way possible. Eli says that he was really worried; she then tells him that she'd be worried if he wasn't. They share a kiss and then Clare's mom walks in crying. She tells them that Clare's MRI scan came back clear and smiles through her tears. Clare says she's gonna fight it and all three of them share a group hug. In Young Forever, Eli visits Clare after attended Adam's funeral. She asks him "how do you say goodbye to someone who changed your life?". He says he doesn't know and that the funeral didn't help. They both decide to create a memorial video for Adam. Later they are seen watching videos clips of Adam and finishing up the video when Helen walks in to tell Clare that her CT scan came back clean and that Clare would be released that night.

Tumblr mryswlvXO71qf2xhzo1 5010
Once Helen leaves Clare starts to cry but Eli tells her it's okay to be happy; the two of them hug. Later Eli comes into Clare's room and wonders why she isn't ready to leave. She says that she shouldn't go to the bonfire because she feels it's unfair that Adam died and she got to live. Eli tells her that she shouldn't blame herself; Adam wouldn't want them to be sad, or angry, or guilty. That night both Eli and Clare show up to Adam's bonfire and Clare shares her good news with Alli, Jenna and Connor. They are both seen hugging, crying and laughing throughout the night. They will both forever miss their best friend Adam Torres.

In You Oughta Know, Clare video chats with Eli.

In Black Or White, Clare and Eli go to watch a movie in a parking lot as their date. Eli has been tired lately and Clare feels as if he's hiding something. She later tells him to answer his phone call which he said was from New York. After he leaves to answer his call, Clare finds a pack of cigarettes in his coat pocket. She looks uneasy.


As Eli leaves to talk to Lenore, Clare discovers her pack of cigarettes.

Later on, her and Eli are at her house. Eli finally brings up that last night's date was awkward. Clare then asks him a few questions about why he's been acting differently towards her. She then shows the pack of cigarettes toward him, saying that smoking was his way of missing her by "doing it once". But he corrects her, saying that those aren't his, they were Lenore Mantino's, he was holding onto them for her. Clare then asks if Lenore was his producer, but he doesn't answer, he looks away regretfully.

She later realizes that he cheated on her with Lenore and he says that it happened once. She starts to cry and opens the door, demanding him to leave. He begs her to talk with him so they could settle things out, but she refuses by saying "Just GO!". After he leaves, Clare leans against the door and cries.

In Spiderwebs, Clare fails to show up while the student council sets up for the Degrassi Thanksgiving Family Feast. She is seen in her kitchen, sulking. Alli brings her coffee and encourages her to go to school, but Clare tells her she isn't going. Clare reminds Alli that Eli cheated on her, and Alli reminds her it was only one time, but Clare insists she can't get over it. Even though Clare says it's over and she can't come back from cheating, Alli tells her she need to talk to Eli. When Clare can't decide on the spot if she is truly breaking up with him, Alli reminds her it's because she doesn't know the whole story. Clare agrees to talk to Eli.
13x16 162

Clare is seen walking to school with Eli behind her. Eli answers the question that Clare asked him off-screen, revealing Lenore's full name as Lenore Mantino. He also reveals that he has no romantic feelings for her, and that they did not have sex. Clare insists that clothes came of, and Eli asks how knowing this information will make it easier for her. Clare tells Eli she has to know the truth. He reveals that some clothing came off when he made out with Lenore. Clare tells him she doesn't feel she can believe him, but Eli insists it meant nothing. Eli asks what he can do, and Clare responds with, "Tell me that it never happened!" Eli can't, and Clare reveals that she messed up her magazine deal which was her last chance to getting into Columbia. She says that Eli and Lenore can have each other next year, and she leaves, saying she needs to help with the Family Feast.

Drew later finds Clare crying in the student council room. He tells her that Bianca broke up with her, and she tells him that Eli cheated on her.
13x16 112
Clare suggests that Eli cheated on her because she isn't good enough for him. Drew tells her that she is best, and the two share a short kiss on the couch, before Clare comes to her senses and leaves, shocked.

Clare is working at the Degrassi Family Feast when Eli comes in behind her. When she turns around, Eli immediately tells her to listen to what he has to say. She asks him what he's doing there, and he replies that he can't leave without trying to fix their relationship. He hands her a book and as she flips through it, she realizes it's a book of their emails during their relationship. He tells her that it's their story, and that it shouldn't end now. The two hug. She sees Drew over Eli's shoulder, but she tries to ignore him.

13x16 16
Clare and Eli are seen sitting at the Family Feast table with the student council. Eli is unaware of the situation between Clare and Drew, and Clare awkwardly tries to avoid looking at him. After Drew's speech Clare grabs Eli's hand and they look at each other for a while before eating. 

In No Surprises, Clare video chats with Eli about going bungee jumping. Eli tells her that he has to stay in New York to finish his short film and can't go bungee jumping.

In Basket Case, Drew dropped Clare off at her house and while they're in the car Eli arrives at Clare's doorstep and Clare sees him. She gets out of the car and asks what he's doing here. He then tells her he finished the short film quickly so he could come bungee jumping with Clare. Clare doesn't tell him that they already went and Drew acts excited for them to go. Drew tells Clare "I'll see you at school Edwards." Eli replies saying "Edwards? That's my thing." Clare then tells him that everyone wants to be like him. Eli and Clare are seen walking into Clare's house together.

In Sparks Will Fly (1), Eli and Clare are seen talking to Clare on the phone and telling her that he can't make it to the Wild Wild West dance and she gets upset. After Drew hints that she and Eli shouldn't be together, she calls him and ends their relationship over voicemail.

In Sparks Will Fly (2), Eli appears at the Wild Wild West night and finds Clare and Drew kissing in the prop room. Instead of confronting Drew, he pleads with Clare to give their relationship another chance. However, Clare explains to him that Drew is her rock and that he is there for her more than he was able to be. Ultimately, Clare leaves the room, confirming her and Eli's breakup.

In Thunderstruck, Clare missed her interview for Columbia University because she was in the hospital. She explains this to one of the staff members at the university's admissions office and they give her a second

Eli and Clare resting on Eli's bed in his dorm room.

chance and has an appointment the following day in the morning. Because of a storm, flights are grounded and Clare is able to stay the night in New York. She stays with Eli in his dorm and borrows his dry clothes. Eli offers to sleep on the floor and Clare can sleep on his bed, but she feels bad and offers to sleep on the floor instead. Eli suggests they share the bed head to feet.


Eli buying hotdogs for Clare and himself.

They then start to feel hungry and go out to get hot dogs. Eli asks how Drew is, assuming Clare and Drew are dating now. Clare says they didn't date and asks about Lenore. Eli says they never dated either. They head back to the dorm and sleep. The following day, Clare has a great interview and is giggling and overjoyed. Eli walks in and confesses that he still loves her. Clare smiles and seems really happy about this. Clare returns to Degrassi and tells Alli about this, but it is not confirmed if Eli and Clare got back together.

Season 14

Snapshot 5 (23-07-2015 12-51 PM)
In Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Clare tells Alli that Eli is sending her a surprise for getting into Columbia. Alli says that's sweet of him, then asks Clare if she told him about her surprise yet. Clare says she hasn't told him yet and that she needs the perfect words. Clare admits that she hasn't told her mom yet either, and she says she has to do this all very carefully so she can keep her life on track. Alli says, "So you can still go to New York and be with Eli?" To which Clare replies, "I don't know, maybe.. Eli and I have been though so much. Maybe we can get though this, too." Then, Eli calls out to Clare from across the street, and Clare asks Alli what to do. Alli tells her to find the perfect words before he hears them from someone else. Eli says "Surprise!" and shares a hug with Clare and Alli. He explains that he's done with his exams, so the summer job hunt begins. Clare says, "So you're just back?", and Eli exclaims "It's exciting!" Eli puts his arm around Clare as they start walking and says he's most excited about planning their future. Clare says they should do that and that tonight after school is the prefect time. Eli says he can't wait. Clare is next seen practicing what she is going to say to Eli when he arrives, "Which brings us to when we were broken up. A thing happened, a tiny one-time thing, with Drew; a mistake. But sometimes when you do that thing, other things happen, and one of those things did happen, and it's still happening currently, and am I making any sense? No, no I am not."

Clare's mom comes into the room and tells her that Drew and his mom are coming over. When they hear the doorbell ring, Clare's mom says she'll tell Eli that Clare is feeling sick, and to this Clare says she wouldn't be wrong. Eli walks into The Dot and is surprised to see Clare there because he thought she was sick. Eli glares at Drew before asking Clare what's going on. Clare finally tells Eli she is pregnant. Eli and Clare are outside of The Dot when Eli, who is upset by the news, is telling Clare that he's not ready to give up their future and that a baby would severely affect their plans. Clare then tells Eli that the baby is Drew's, not his. Eli is shocked as he says in disbelief, "You had sex with Drew?!" Clare apologizes, explaining that she was so messed up, and that she didn't tell him about the baby sooner because she wanted to tell him in person. Then, regarding the baby, she adds, "We-I'm keeping it." Eli gets upset at her slip-up of the word "we", meaning her and Drew, and asks what her relationship with Drew is. He says, "Are you going to raise a family together? Get married, buy a house?" Clare is upset and tells Eli that she loves him, and that nothing has changed. Eli, devastated, yells at her, saying, "How can you say that?! Everything has changed!" He begins to walk away when Clare cries that she can't imagine a life without him. Eli says he doesn't care and walks away from Clare.

In There's Your Trouble, Tristan sees Eli and asks if he's back to rekindle things with Clare, Tristan informs Eli that he totally ships them and that they are his OTP and that he also thinks it's so romantic that he scarified all his hopes and dreams to win back the love of his life. Eli says that given recent developments he's not sure that's how things are going to go, Tristan asks why not, doesn't love concur all, Eli smiles and Tristan leaves. Eli arrives at the school but starts to leave once he sees Clare and Drew together but Clare spots him and chases after him, Clare wonders what he's doing at Degrassi. Eli sarcastically apologizes for interrupting her "lunch date", Clare says her and Drew were just working on student council stuff and gets Eli to stop. Clare grabs his arm and asks him to talk to her. Eli asks if Clare loves Drew, Clare says she doesn't and Eli is happy to hear this and says that's good because he's going out on a serious limb here and is hoping to avoid further humiliation, Clare asks what he's talking about, and Eli says that he is talking about him and Clare, the way he feels about her it's like he can't breathe and isn't ready to walk away from that, and it's just a long winded way of asking if she would like to hang out tomorrow, Clare says and asks like a date, Eli says like a something and Clare says "Yes, of course, it's always a yes with you Eli," Eli smiles after hearing this.

Eli is waiting for Clare outside the school doors when Clare appears and they both nervously say hi to each other. they start walking down the steps with Eli asking how her mum is, Clare gets a call from Drew but lies to Eli saying it's telemarketers. They both try to start and Clare says Eli can go first. Eli asks how she is feeling Clare says she didn't know she could feel barfy and hungry at the same time so she just feels different. Eli and Clare sit down at a table. Eli asks Clare if she has time for a spicy tuna roll before she goes back to school but Clare tells him she can't sushi because of the baby. Eli asks if it's forever because he's knows a place in New York that has the best sashimi. Clare says maybe when she comes to visit him. Eli is confused asking if Clare isn't going to Columbia, Clare explains she can't see how she can with the baby and all this year at least, Eli tells her it's her dream, Clare says she's not giving up on it she's just postponing it and Columbia isn't going anywhere right, Drew approaches and asks Clare if she's okay, he's been calling non-stop, Clare explains she was hanging out with Eli, Eli is upset she said they were telemarketers and she's lying again, Drew tells Clare he's glad she's okay, he was worried something had something, Eli gets up and says he can't do this, Clare asks do what, Eli says do this with her, if he's going to around all the time, Drew tries to say he's sorry and it's not Clare's fault, Eli rebuffs him saying he wasn't talking to him, Eli tells Clare he wants to be with her but he doesn't want to be with her and Drew.

Drew tries to say he is the father but Eli rebuffs him again saying he's still not talking to him, Eli asks Clare, Clare tells him if he wants to do this then he has to accept that Drew is going to be involved and asks Eli if he can do that. Eli looks at them both before saying he doesn't know and walks away. Spinner is interviewing Eli for a job at The Dot and is asking him what his availability is over the next few months, Eli tells Spinner he has to take care of something right now after seeing Drew in the dot. Eli catches Drew outside The Dot and asks for a word, Drew says that they should just say out of each others way from now on, Eli yells out that he knocked up his soulmate and ruined his life and that's all he has to say, Drew says it's a messed up situation, Eli says who made the mess, Drew asks whether they can at least be civil for Clare's sake, Eli tells him to shut up, Drew tells Eli to clam down and then proceeds to bring up his bipolar disorder by asking does he really think Clare will want their kid around a "crazy hot head" like Eli, Eli punches him in the face, Clare sees this but couldn't hear what was said though and runs over, Clare asks Eli what is wrong with him but Drew tells her he deserved it, Clare defends Drew saying he didn't though and asks Eli if he feels better, Eli says he actually doesn't because all this time he thought he was mad at Drew but really he's mad at Clare. Eli walks back into The Dot and calms himself down before resuming his interview and telling Spinner that he's free for the rest of the summer, Spinner tells him he is hired then and Eli smiles.

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Eli tells Imogen about his situation with Clare and asks her to join him in his "wallowing".

In Hero vs. Villain, Clare arrives at The Dot as she wants to tell Eli the truth about the baby before he hears it from someone else. She approaches Eli and asks him if they can talk. Eli asks why she doesn't talk to Drew instead, and Clare tells him she has something to say that will fix things between them. Eli asks Clare how stupid she is, and Clare, taken aback, replies, "Excuse me?" Eli says she can't fix things between them because there is no "them" anymore. Clare says she knows he's angry, to which Eli says he's beyond angry at her for throwing their future together away. Clare tries to further explain, but Eli cuts her off, saying, "No, you don't get to come here every time you want to for a chat. Not after you ruined everything, and for what? So you could just jump into bed with Drew Torres?" Clare is extremely hurt by this and she begins to cry. Then, coldly, Eli says, "Tears, Clare? Didn't expect to see those from such a whore." Clare is shocked, and Eli walks off, leaving Clare crying alone.


In Firestarter (2), Alli asks if Clare is worried about Eli finding out he's the father and bursting though the doors of the school with some big grand gesture to win her back. Clare looks towards the door and Zoë enters and Clare shakes her head. Meanwhile, Imogen tells Eli that Clare made a mistake and that he's the father of Clare's baby. Eli enters the school and approaches Clare, Clare asks "May I help you?", Eli echos by saying: "May I help you?. When Clare asked, "With what?", Eli responds with: "Our baby." At this Clare drags Eli away and he asks why she didn't tell him it was his, Clare says she tried adding "I think if you recall you called me a whore." Eli says he wouldn't have done that if she just told him. Clare says "Because you have a long history of totally rational reactions." Eli says he knows he's had troubles in the past. Clare reminds him that he punched Drew 3 weeks ago. Eli says he's calmer now and he's here. When he asks if they can talk about it, Clare replies with "There's nothing to talk about." Eli says he knows she has taken care of most of the details but if he could at least take her to "one of those breathing classes or something" adding that he wants to help. Clare says she doesn't need his help and doesn't want it. Eli says he's the father, Clare adds "who has a history of lashing out when any little thing goes wrong." She adds that "with a baby there are a lot of little things I just... I don't feel like I can trust you." With that Clare walks away from Eli.

After the fire Eli approaches Clare outside of the school saying he came as soon as he heard about the fire, Clare asks him if he lit the fire., Eli sarcastically replies "Oh yeah, I burned down the school" but then asks if she's serious. Clare admits she is not but reminds him he's done crazy stuff before. Eli tells Clare he's not that guy anymore; he has changed and matured. Eli gives Clare his pay slip from work saying use it for baby stuff and also shows her a schedule for the parents and tots program stating that he circled some that looked good Then he shows her a stuffed wolf named Clarence, explaining that it was his stuffed wolf from when he was a baby. He says "I want him to have it or her." Clare tells Eli it is a boy. Eli smiles at learning it's a boy. Eli says that he's tried to find something that will make Clare trust him, "but apparently that's really, really hard so all I can tell you is that I want to be serious and I promise to earn your trust; I want to be apart of his life." Clare nods and tells Eli "Okay." At her reaction Eli asks "Really?" Clare says that he's right he (their son) should know his dad and that she could use his help after all. The two smile at each other.

In Ready or Not, At the Dot, Eli gives Clare and Alli their coffee orders on the house making Alli happy, Eli says he'll text Clare later about this afternoon but Clare reminds him the school has a no cellphones policy, Eli says how are we suppose to make plans, Clare says the old fashioned way, she stop by after his shift and she has spare last period anyway, Eli says can't wait we're going to rock this and Eli & Clare share a high five and Eli leaves to take an order outside. Alli says high fiving over a date and they're two has always been the weirdest couple, Clare says it's not date, it's birthing class and they high fived because that's what strictly platonic co-parents do, Alli tells Clare she loves her but she is delusional, Clare asks "how so?" and Alli says because she and Eli will never be friends it's just not possible, Clare thanks her for the support, Alli says if history is any indication her and Eli are like magnets that get in each other's orbits, Eli comes back in and nearly collides with Clare, Alli continues saying and smash it's inevitable, Clare says it can't be not this time.

Eli and Clare arrive for their birthing class, Clare says they are so getting an A but Eli says he doesn't think that's how this works, Eli and Clare sit down together and listens to their birthing teacher, the teacher tells the guys that they have to re-firm their love and capability that the mother can have this baby, Clare tells Eli he doesn't have to do it but Eli says he's not going to responsible for her first failing grade, Eli moves to face Clare and takes her hands in his and says "Clare Edwards you are the most incredible person I've ever met, and I know this isn't how you planned for things to go and I know it's scary but I feel really lucky to be apart of this training with you and I love you and I will always be here for you no matter what.", Clare tries hard not to smile at his words. Alli asks how the birthing class went with her totally platonic co-parent, Clare mentions how Eli told her that he will always be there for her, Alli asks why that's a problem, Clare says that because when he said that she wanted to kiss him, Alli smiles and says she doesn't want to say "I told you so", Clare says this is really bad they can't get back together, Alli says why not, Clare says it's not just going to be them in the picture anymore, Alli reminds Clare she loves Eli and she can't just take that out of the equation and this is coming from someone who doesn't even like the guy that much, Clare says she needs to set some boundaries so they don't slip into old habits, Alli asks if Clare is going to tell Eli not to do anything that makes her want to kiss him, Clare says if she has to, Alli says okay.

Eli arrives after Clare called him, she answers the door to Eli and he asks what's up, Clare says thanks for coming, Clare tells Eli they need some rules, Eli says he doesn't follow, Clare says they need to set some boundaries, Eli says he thought they were doing pretty well and that birthing class was awesome, Clare says actually it was too awesome, Eli says Clare, Clare says "Rule 1, no telling me you love me or how amazing you think I am or how much you support me, Eli says he does and that's never going to change, Clare says 2 no looking at me the way you do that turns me into a pile of mush", Eli says those rules are gonna make things difficult.

Snapshot 8 (23-07-2015 12-59 PM)

Eli and Clare get back together

Clare says "3 no saying the exact thing I need at the exact moment I need to hear it, Eli has been approaching Clare to the middle of the room and reaches out for hands but she lets them go and says 4 no physical contract of any kind", Eli tells Clare he'll obey any rule she wants but asks what she's scared of, Eli leans in to kiss Clare they break apart and Clare says that, they kiss again and fall on the couch together.

Eli and Clare are sitting on the couch smiling at each other, Clare says she didn't plan for that to happen, Eli asks if she regrets it, Clare says no but they can't just pretend that things haven't happened, everything's changed, Eli sits up next to Clare. 

Snapshot 9 (23-07-2015 12-59 PM)
Eli says "I hurt you and I know that", Clare asks if he remembers the last time they were happy together, Eli says he's happy right now and asks if she is too, Eli says things haven't been prefect and they never will be but doesn't know any other way to be other than with her, he wants for them to spend the rest of their lives together, Eli asks where are you, Clare says "with you, I'm right here," Eli and Clare kiss and Clare lays her head on his shoulder.

In Wishlist, Eli and Clare are at the Dot talking to Imogen about her situation with Jack. They both convince her that Jack probably has a good explanation for her actions and that Imogen is just overreacting. 

In Get It Together, Eli arrives to help Clare baby sit Rocky and when Eli gives Rocky a water gun, Clare gets angry and demands Eli take it back, Eli then tells Rocky he has to take the gun back because Clare said he couldn't have it, Rocky tells Clare he hates her before firing the water gun at her leaving Eli laughing.

Later, Clare and Eli are trying to build their baby's crib but Clare starts freaking out over the gun thing with Rocky before and Eli calms Clare down and says they will make a compromise, only water guns that don't look like guns and Clare thinks they should have a no pointing it at peoples face's rule too. Eli says they can do this and there real mistake was not talking about it before. 

Snapshot 7 (25-07-2015 2-29 PM)

Eli and Clare learning they have lost their baby

At the hospital, Eli and Clare are getting an ultrasound done, Eli is holing Clare's hand while looking up baby stuff on the his phone before the doctor tells them he has some upsetting news, he can no longer hear a heartbeat and they have lost the baby, Eli and Clare are in shock.

In Give Me One Reason, At the hospital, The doctor is explaining to Eli and Clare how much harder it is losing a baby at this point of an pregnancy because you still have to deliver it and explains she's too far along for a natural abortion so your body will go into labor in the next 2 weeks or he can induce you and they also have to consider how to contemplate their child and gives them an info sheet before leaving the room. Clare and Eli look at the sheet but Clare doesn't want to deal with it and asks Eli to throw it out but Eli thinks they should consider it. 

Clare is driving her car and eventually answers Eli's call, Clare says what, Eli says" your friends said you ditched school, are you alright?", Clare says she's fine and Eli asks where she is, Clare says she's driving, Eli asks where to he will meet her there and mentions they should talk about the stuff that happened this morning, Clare says no thank you.

Clare has picked up Eli but tells him he is here to support her and she doesn't want to talk about it so can he handle that, Eli says yes but then starts to talk about it so Clare threatens to pull the car over, Eli puts his hands up in surrender and says ok then asks where they are going, Clare says next stop new York city.

Eli and Clare are walking and Eli asks what the plan is, Clare says she's going to convince them to accept her offer, Eli asks why she doesn't just call them, Clare thinks it's harder to turn someone down in person, Eli agrees but didn't she already say no a month ago, Clare says "What's one more student if I was worthy then I'll be worthy now right?", Eli says he agrees and asks if she wants to leave now and asks for the car keys so he can drive, Clare agrees to let Eli drive and they get in the car, Eli tries to start the car and thinks the battery's dead, Eli says it's okay he'll call his parents and they've come get them and we'll be back before dinner, Clare asks Eli if he's trying to take her back, Eli asks what if she goes into labor on the road, Clare says she knew he didn't support her and gets out of the car, Eli says he does support her but there are a lot of things to consider, Clare says she is going to New York and if he won't take her he'll find someone who will and Clare walks off.

Clare tries to hitchhike a car but is un-useful Eli tells her she can't hitchhike to New York, Clare says she can if she can find someone to take her, Eli says she can't keep running away, Clare says she's not running away for the first time in months she's running towards hrt future, Eli says they lost a child and there are things they have to deal with and it's okay to take a break, Clare says she doesn't want to take a break, a year ago she had cancer and then got better and then thought "Now you can live your life," and then got pregnant, Clare shows Eli a photo of their baby ultrasound, Clare then says what was the point of any of this if she was just going to lose the baby(which she calls stupid). "Take a break Clare, the universe keeps telling me no I will not take a break not for this not for that doctor and not for that stupid car." Eli tells Clare he'll take her, Clare asks how the battery's dead, Eli admits he may of faked it, Clare says are you serious, Eli tells her to forget about that and that he wants her to be happy and after everything she's been though she deserves and requests that he takes her, Clare agrees but says they are following GPS directions and no funny business.

Eli and Clare are in the car, Eli asks Clare some Dean of Administration questions like "If our first year program is full, how do I suppose I let you in?"  Clare says she's willing to honor the classes until the first year students drop out, she can wait, Eli says "Won't you be illiberal to slack if your early assignments aren't being marked?" Clare says "No, I'm the most determined girl you'll ever meet.: 

In a servo, Eli and Clare are buying snacks, Eli continues the questions and is like "Great you're in but you will have to find accommodation in New York city it can be very difficult." Clare says she'll tell her she will live with her boyfriend, Eli asks really, Clare asks if that sounds nice, Eli smiles and says obviously, Eli and Clare argue about snacks before Eli asks Clare what makes her equally deserving of this exception, Clare looks at a baby photograph, Clare says she'll tell her if she didn't think it was enough with her having beaten cancer she'll tell her how hard it is to lose a baby.

Snapshot 1 (26-07-2015 2-19 PM)

The are close to the Canadian border, Clare says just image that they can have a future with everything they've ever wanted, Eli says a house with a secret study, a huge balcony and a decontrolled future kid draw, Clare asks if the baby would have like beef-jerky, Eli says some and then says maybe but he would have taught him better, Clare says she can't believe they will never get to know him and we might never know why, it's just not fair, they both start crying, Eli says he would have been beautiful and amazing and then asks Clare if she's ready to get though it and Clare says no it's time to turn around, we have some things to take care of, Eli kisses Clare and Clare says okay and Clare kisses Eli's hand.

Snapshot 3 (26-07-2015 2-26 PM)

Clare is sitting at a table when Eli tells Clare it's time for the procedure and asks if she's nervous, Clare says it won't be easy and thanks him for being here, Eli asks if she doesn't want to do any of the contemplate stuff, Clare says they won't forget him and that she wants those memories to stay between with her and him. Eli says the three of them will always have their road trip, Eli kisses Clare on the head, Eli asks if Clare's ready to go, Clare says she is ready as she'll ever be and Eli leaves while Clare looks at the photograph with her baby's picture in, the one she brought from that servo they stopped at before leaving too.

In Teen Age Riot, Clare tells Alli and Eli about how Ms. Pill is spying on their secret conversations at school and they give her advice about not dropping out of being valedictorian because of her.

In Finally (1), Outside the school, Clare is sitting on a bench when Eli arrives with coffee and he sits down next to her. Clare says she doesn't have a plan after she graduates, Eli says he thought she would just come to New York with him, Clare asks what will she do there, Eli says whatever she wants the world is her oyster, Clare says she can see that working and Eli says the best part is they will be together and asks if that sounds like a plan, Clare says yes it totally does. At Clare's house, Clare and Eli take a group selfie with Jenna, Connor, Alli and Dallas. Eli pulls Clare to one side before getting everyone's attention and tells Clare that she is the love of his life and that they've been though a lot but he knows they're meant to be so that's why, he gets down on one knee and gets a box out of his pocket, Eli says that's why he wanted to ask her if she'd do the honor of moving in with him, and shows her a key inside the box, Clare sighs and Eli says, "I had you going there didn't I?" then says he was just joking around and last year he got her a horse and carriage and had to do something, Clare says she can't follow him to New York because that can't be her plan, Eli asks what is then, Clare says she doesn't know. At the Waft, Eli and Clare are waiting with everyone else for the boat to arrive.

In Finally (2), In the streets, Clare and Eli are with the others when they get invited to The Dot. Eli and Clare arrive at The Dot with others and they are very impressed to see it all decked out thanks to Drew and Dallas. When Drew calls out "Who's ready to part?", Clare starts to dance while Eli looks over at Clare before walking away somewhere. Later, Eli finds Clare and Eli asks Clare to dance with him before taking her hand and walking to the dance floor. Eli and Clare are dancing together, Clare says they can talk, Eli says it was hard enough the first time, Clare says what, Eli says long distance, we barely made it though this year, Clare says she knows, Eli says she still won't come to New York with him, Clare says it isn't about him, Eli asks what she'll do instead, Clare says she doesn't know, Eli asks if she will do anything else but be with him, they stop dancing, Clare says that isn't what this is about and that she loves him, Eli says he loves her but if she doesn't want to be with him then maybe she doesn't want to be with him, Clare says it's not that simple and she needs to figure out what she wants, Eli tells Clare she does and so does he and then says goodnight before bailing. The next day, Eli watches Clare graduate.

Snapshot 10 (1-08-2015 7-39 PM)

Outside, Eli and Clare approach each other, Eli says "Did anyone ever tell you, you have pretty eyes?" Clare smiles and says that feels like forever ago, Eli says kind of like yesterday, Clare says she knows who she is with him but it's been so long she doesn't know who she is on her own, Eli says he knows, Clare says she needs to take time to figure it out or else she'll regret it, Eli says he knows, Clare says she doesn't now what the plan is but she's giving herself a year, Eli says he gets it, Clare says "You do?", Eli says "Look I will miss you but if I love you now, imagine how much I'll love the person you'll become." Clare says she thinks they can make long distance work, Eli gives Clare the key to his apartment and tells her he knows that they can, Clare takes the key, Eli asks if she wants to go with her friends, Clare says well, Eli tells her yo go and that they'll  always find our way back to each other, Clare agrees and they kiss, Clare goes and jumps in the conga line while Eli watches her.


  • First Relationship:
    Clare Touches Eli's Lip
    • Start Up: All Falls Down (1) (1023)
    • Broke Up: Drop the World (2) (1044)
      • Reason: Eli was becoming manipulative and obsessive with Clare because he didn't want to lose her. It was the last straw when Eli crashed his hearse for her when she just needed space.
  • Second Relationship:
  • Third Relationship:
  • Fourth Relationship:

Rival Relationships


  • Both Eli and Clare have said, "Go to Hell."
  • They were the first ones to find out that Adam Torres was a female to male transgender. They were both friends with him before his death.
  • They are both friends with Alli Bhandari and Dave Turner.
  • Both Eli and Clare, along with Adam, had a conflict with Fitz though Clare ended up on good terms with him.
  • Both Eli and Clare have a conflict with Mike Dallas and Luke Baker though Clare and Eli ended their conflicts with Dallas.
  • They are both passionate about writing.
  • Eli's first relationship with Clare is the second relationship for him to end on April 22. The first relationship was with Julia.
  • Both Eli and Clare have been published: Eli with Stalker Angel and Clare with her article about Romeo and Jules.
  • They have matching helix piercings.
  • Eli's first line was spoken to Clare. "I think they're dead," (referring to her glasses).
  • Eli and Clare's last lines were said to each other. (Eli: "Alright go.") (Clare: "Okay.")
  • Eli taught Clare how to drive.
  • Eli calls his relationship with Clare 'the best thing that ever happened to him'.
  • Clare invited Eli to a family dinner to get on her parent's nerves, similar to when Manny used Jay to annoy her parents during dinner.
  • Eli was the second character to have Clare proved that she doesn't care of what people think of her - she screamed at the top of her lungs in public. The first was K.C, who convinced her to sing in front of the entire cafeteria. Both were her boyfriends.
  • Clare lost her virginity to Eli in The Time of My Life.
  • Eli is still unaware that Dallas kissed Clare in Sabotage (1).
  • They are both each others second relationship. Before, Eli was with Julia, and Clare was with K.C.
  • They share similarities to past couples Semma and Parcy.
  • Eli was one of the few people who helped Clare through cancer.
  • Munro and Aislinn said their favorite scene in Season 13 to shoot together as Eli and Clare was the scene where Eli comes in and finds Clare in the hospital in Summertime.
  • It was revealed in Black or White that Eli cheated on Clare with his roommate, Lenore because he said that he missed Clare since he was in New York while Clare was still back in Canada.
  • Eli is the second of Clare's boyfriend's that have cheated on her, the first being K.C. who started developing feelings for Jenna in Heart Like Mine (1).
  • Eli is unaware that Clare kissed Drew Torres before they reconciled.
  • They have been in multiple love triangles with Fitz, Jake, Imogen, Drew and Lenore.
  • After Clare's interview in Thunderstruck, Eli confesses to her that he's still in love with her. Clare seems happy to hear this, but doesn't express how she feels to him.
  • It is unknown if Eli and Clare started a fourth relationship off-screen in Thunderstruck.
  • They shared their first kiss for a project on Romeo and Juliet in Still Fighting It (1).
  • Eli goes to a college in New York (NYU) and Clare plans to go to a college in New York as well (Columbia).
  • Clare mentioned in Can't Stop This Thing We Started that Eli had a surprise for her for getting into Columbia. This implies that the two have communicated after the events of Smells Like Teen Spirit when Clare found out that she got accepted.
  • Ana Golja favors this couple.
  • It is revealed in Something's Got to Give that Eli is the father of Clare's unborn son. Which means that they were sexually active sometime during Season 13.
  • Eli calls Clare a whore in Hero vs. Villain before Clare could tell him that the baby is his.
  • After finding out that he is the father of Clare's baby in Firestarter (2), he has a change of heart and wants to be in the baby's life.
  • They were both members of the Degrassi Drama Department and the French Club.
  • They had a miscarriage in Get It Together.
  • As they were still dating when they left the show, they are considered "Endgame", along with Dallas and Alli and Connor and Jenna.
  • They both graduated from Degrassi. Eli graduated in 2013, while Clare graduated a year later.
  • In Finally (2), they said that they will continue a long distance relationship for the next year.
  • Eli stated he was Clare's soulmate.
  • They both appeared in 100 or more episodes: Eli (113) and Clare (181).
  • Eli has told Clare "you have pretty eyes" twice: in their first scene together in Breakaway (2) and their last scene together in Finally (2).
  • They both made their last appearances in Finally (2).