The friendship between Eli Goldsworthy and Mike Dallas began in the twelfth season of Degrassi.

Conflict History


Eli initially hated Dallas for coming onto Clare, ruining his friend, Jake's garden, and crashing Clare's surprise party as well as starting an all out brawl. As payback for breaking his nose, Dallas attempts to sabotage Eli's play just before opening night, with the help of Luke Baker. The pair were at eachothers throats until Eli graduated, however they seem to have put their issues aside as of Young Forever. The boys are dating best friends, Clare Edwards and Alli Bhandari, and seem to have formed a civil relationship with eachother through their girlfriends.

Season 12


In Sabotage (1), Dallas comes up confronting Eli, Clare, Jake and Katie for getting him and a few other members of the Ice Hounds 3 weeks of detention and when he gets in Clare's face Eli tells him to back off and it's over, but before he leaves, Dallas hits Eli about his kiss with Clare.

Fiona with cookies
In Sabotage (2), Dallas crashes Clare's birthday party and gives Clare a pack of beer. Eli gets even more suspicious of clare and wonders what he's talking about. When Dallas starts bothering Clare, Eli tells him to leave. Dallas then asks Eli if Clare finally told him her secret. Later, when Eli and Clare try to leave the party, Dallas blocks their way. Eli was having enough of Dallas punches him in the face and the two fight. When Fionia yells the Dallas to get out, he leaves warning Eli that he's going down. In Scream (1), Dallas tries to take down Eli's play for revenge for punching him. When Eli is confronted by a group
of parents not liking the idea of the play, Dallas mentions that Eli seems to be glorifying suicide. While the cast of Romeo and Jules is rehearsing the final scene, Eli realizes the Dallas was right and tries to change the ending. When Eli is desperately wanting to know if his rewrite of the play is approved, Dallas threatens that his play might not, but Dallas is proven wrong.

Friendship History

In Ray of Light (1), Dallas questions Eli about why Cam was cut out of the video year book and suggests that he should make a tribute to him.

In Ray of Light (2), Dallas compliments Eli on the yearbook and tells him he did good work.