The friendship between Eli Goldsworthy and Talia started Ray of Light (1) when she gave him drugs. However, since Eli stopped doing drugs and graduated they are currently acquaintances.

Friendship History

Talia made her first appearance in Ray of Light (1). She was walking up the steps of Degrassi when Eli stopped her to ask a question for the video yearbook. Talia responds by claiming she doesn't know where she'll be in ten years but does know where she'll be that night. She then hands Eli an invitation to a secret party. At the party, she "helps" Eli by giving him MDMA.

In Ray of Light (2), she walks up the steps of Degrassi while Clare and Eli are talking and hands him his shirt. She asks if he is still coming down from the last night leading Clare to ask questions. In Eli's shirt, she hid a small bag of more pills.


  • Talia has shown an attraction towards Eli.
  • It is unknown if they talked after she drugged him.