The friendship between Eli Goldsworthy and Tristan Milligan was formed in Season 12 when Tristan played Jules in Eli's play, Romeo and Jules.

Friendship History

Season 12

In Got Your Money (1), Tristan meets Dave with Eli and reveals that he will be Dave's Juliet (Soon to be renamed "Jules"). At practice, he watches as Dave struggles to make it work and complains that they had been doing the same scene for an hour. He then goes on a granola break to let Eli and Dave talk. In Got Your Money (2), Tristan was seen taking promotional pictures for the
play with Dave. Luke and the hockey team begin heckling them and he watches as Eli tells them off.

In I Want It That Way (1), Tristan asks Eli if he can be the lead in his film, but Eli hints that Tristan is too out of shape.

In Zombie (1), Eli directs Tristan as the lead in his zombie film and they finish the final scene.

Season 14

In There's Your Trouble, Eli runs into Tristan at The Dot and Tristan asks what's next for Eli now that he's not in New York. Eli says he just staying around town and just applied for a job at The dot. Tristan sees through Eli and figures out he's back to reconcile with Clare. Tristan says he ships them and thinks Clare is Eli's one true love. He continues to say how romantic it is that Eli's sacrificing his dreams just to be with her. Eli expresses his thoughts about Eclare not working out, to which Tristan replies "love conquers all" before entering The Dot, ending their chat.