Full Name Elise
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
First Episode Cry Me A River (1) (1106)
Last Episode Cry Me A River (2) (1107)
Reason Charlie moved out.
Episode Count 2
Portrayed By Lauren Dela Pena
Elise was a friend and former roommate of Charlie Lima.

Character History

Season 11

In Cry Me A River (1), she was looking around the store Charlie worked at and talks to Charlie until Charlie introduces her to Fiona Coyne. Fiona invites Elise to have lunch with them, though she had been trying to spend time alone with Charlie.

In Cry Me A River (2), Fiona worries about the fact that Charlie isn't calling her back and leaves to go talk to her in person. She shows up and watches Charlie argue with Elise from her car. Elise pulls Charlie in for a hug, which disappoints Fiona. Fiona later goes to see Charlie, who is crying after her fight. Charlie reveals Elise was her roommate, but she kicked her out because she hadn't been able to pay rent.