The conflict between Ellie Nash and Hazel Aden began in the second season of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Conflict History


Season 2

In Karma Chameleon, Ellie refused to give up her seat in Media Immersion to Hazel so that she and Paige Michalchuk could sit together. 

In Take My Breath Away, Ellie took a liking to Marco Del Rossi after the two bond over a favourite book, The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey. Ellie was too shy to ask him out, however. Meanwhile, Hazel, also harbouring a crush on Marco, saw to break the ice with him by asking him for help with her math homework. When Ellie sees Hazel approach Marco during lunch outside, she became discouraged. Much later, she sent an anonymous email to Marco telling him to meet her at the Zen Garden. When Marco arrives there, he expected to see Hazel, not Ellie. Ellie ran off embarrassed, until she gets a phone call from Marco telling her not to be as he planned to tell Hazel that she was not his type. Marco walked up beside Ellie and asked her out.

In Tears Are Not Enough (2), they were both concerned about Craig Manning after the death of his father Albert Manning.

Season 3

In Pride (1), they went on a trip to the beach with Marco, Paige, Jimmy Brooks, Spinner Mason and Dylan Michalchuk.

In Take On Me, Ellie and Hazel were both in Saturday detention, along with Jimmy, Sean Cameron, and Toby Isaacs. When detention was over, Ellie was about to take a photo of them until her tape recorder fell out of her bag, revealing she was only in detention as a story for her co-op job. Hazel and the others all became angry with her.

In Rock and Roll High School, they are in Battle of the Bands with Ashley Kerwin and Paige Michalchuk, performing as Hell Hath No Fury.

Season 4

In King of Pain, Ellie and Hazel both supported Marco's campaign to become Student Council President.

In Islands in the Stream, Paige and Hazel witness Sean and Ellie sharing a romantic moment in the cafeteria.

Season 5

On the first day of their senior year in Venus (1), Ellie, Hazel, Craig, Jimmy and Paige all ignored Spinner, who had been allowed to return to Degrassi by Ms. Hatzilakos. The next day, Hazel attended the surprise 17th birthday party that Ellie threw for Craig at The Dot even though she was not a close friend of his.

In Venus (2), Ellie wants to involve Paige and Hazel in a band, but they refuse the idea as their schedules are already full with extracurricular activities. However, Hazel kindly suggests joining Craig's band Downtown Sasquatch since it needed a new drummer.

In Redemption Song, Hazel gets jealous of Jimmy and Ellie becoming closer. Once she sees a painted mural of a girl that looks like Ellie, she confronts Jimmy who admits to liking her and Hazel dumps him.