The conflict between Erica Farrell and Liz O'Rourke began in Breaking Up is Hard to Do, when Liz discovered that Erica had an abortion. Liz was vehemently against abortions, and taunted Erica and called her a "baby killer". It is assumed that their conflict is over.

Conflict History

Degrass High Season 1

In Breaking Up is Hard to Do, despite Erica's efforts not to discuss her abortion, word spreads throughout the school that Erica is a baby killer. As Erica and her sister Heather go to their lockers, there's aboration pamphlets on Erica's locker and "murderer" is sprayed painted on it. This makes Erica upset and asks why can't that person just leave her alone. 

In Everybody Wants Something, at Spike's locker, Liz and Spike see Erica and Heather and Liz calls Erica the "murderer." Spike asks Liz why not just give it a rest and to leave Erica alone. She also tells Liz that Erica's abortion is not Liz's business but Liz says it is her business because when her mother was pregnant with her, her father wanted her to get an abortion but her mother said no. Her father than beat her and put her into a coma. Spike says that she didn't know and hugs Liz. Later, Erica goes to her locker and finds Liz there taping a picture of an unborn fetus. It says "Stop killing the unborn." Erica realizes that it was Liz who spread the message around the school. She asks Liz why would she be so horrible but Liz says that Erica is horrible because she was the one who killed her unborn baby. Erica tells her that she doesn't know what its like or what she went through. They start fighting. They pull each other's hair and fall to the ground. The fight is broken up by Mr. Walfish and Spike. Liz shouts at Erica that she should be ashamed of herself.

In Nobody's Perfect, Liz purposely bumps into Erica in the hallway.

Degrassi The Next Generation

In Father Figure, both Liz and Erica, along with the rest of their friends attends Spike's baby shower. It is shown that they ended their conflict years earlier.


  • They had the first female fight in Degrassi history.
  • Liz said that the reason why she hated Erica was because when her mother was pregnant with her, her father wanted her aborted, and was against abortion ever since she found out. After Erica had an abortion in A New Start, she saw her as a baby murderer.
  • They're good friends with Christine Nelson and Heather Farrell, Erica's twin sister.
  • They both graduated in the Class of 1992.