Ethan McBride is on the JV Basketball Team at Degrassi Community School. He constantly picked on Connor DeLaurier, and appeared in a total of four episodes. He is portrayed by Scott Beaudin.

Character History

Season 8

In Up Where We Belong, he is seen sitting in the crowd listening to Ms. Kwan's English 11 class present their essays.

Season 9

In Somebody, after Dave Turner tried to explain to the team about a trick you can do with Pop Rox and root beer, Connor flips out arguing that is was scientifically disproven. Ethan proceeds to embarrass the two further by calling them dorks. After one of the team's practices, Ethan straight up asks Connor why he's even on the team if he never does anything. After Coach Carson sees all the stats that Connor has been keeping track off, Ethan is benched and replaced by Dave.

In Heart Like Mine (1), he is seen dancing too close with Trish at the Athletes' Banquet, so Marco Del Rossi forces some space between them.

In Heart Like Mine (2), Coach Carson says that he was "in the zone" during basketball practice. He plays in the championship game, and later watches as Coach Carson is arrested and walked out of the gym.