Faith was a friend of Clutch and Paul who also attended Borden High School. She dressed like a boy and had a punk mohawk, but she had a pretty face with a small star tattoo on her cheek and a nice personality. She made two appearances in the third season of Degrassi Junior High.

Character History

Degrassi Junior High: Season 3

In A Big Girl Now, she was one of Clutch and Paul's friends who they invited over to Lucy Fernandez's house for the night time party that was out of control with loud music and underage drinking.

Faith from degrassi


In Star-Crossed, Erica Farrell, who had developed a crush on her friend Clutch, told her twin sister Heather to ask Faith what his horoscope sign was for her since she was also into astrology, When Erica had Heather ask her, Faith told her Clutch was a Virgo. She then went over to Clutch at his locker and told him that Heather was asking about him, leading to him asking Heather out instead of Erica. Faith was portrayed by Astra Crosby.