Federico Cavalieri is an Italian fashion designer.

Character History

Season 12

In The Time of My Life, Laura Coyne informs her daughter, Fiona Coyne, that Federico is looking for a junior designer in Rome and gives Fiona his phone number so that she could contact him about the position. Fiona seems ecstatic about the opportunity but her girlfriend, Imogen Moreno, does not want her to go so far away from her, so she sabotages the opportunity for Fiona. She impersonates Fiona at a meeting with Federico, and she is rude, sexually harasses him, and acts as if she is drunk, thus ruining the opportunity for Fiona. When Imogen confesses to Fiona what she did, Fiona is furious with her. To make it up to her, Imogen chases Federico down at the airport, and confesses that she impersonated Fiona. She manages to convince Federico to give Fiona another chance.