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Full Name Fernando
Gender Male
Hair Color White, Purple and Pink (Fur)
Family Lola Pacini (Owner)
First Episode Champagne Supernova
Fernando is Lola Pacini's dog that was featured in Champagne Supernova.

Character History

Degrassi Minis


Lola is happy to have her dog back.

In Jack, Jack is seen cuddling him while watching Zig and Miles do push ups and discussing what happened to them the previous night. Jack hands Fernando off to Zig and tells him that he and Miles could take care of themselves or the dog the previous night. She then tells him that's the reason why she took the dog away from them and that Fernando being returned means her job is done. Zig is unsure of what to do with the dog and Jack tells them to return him. Miles asks who would dye their dog pink and Zig seems to know who the owner might be.

In Lola, after he's returned to his owner, Lola, she kisses him and talks to him in spanish. Lola then tells Zig and Miles that she doesn't forgive them for dognapping Fernando.

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