"So you see, I learned many things at Degrassi. But not from the classes, they were too easy. They say it is the journey, and not the destination. Well, 'they' are wrong. It is not our mistakes along the journey that matter, it's where we end up that counts. Carl Sagan said somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known. And I wish you all luck in finding the destination in which you encounter the incredible. Thank you."
— Connor's valedictorian speech

Finally (2) is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 14, and is the second half of the finale of the second block of Season 14. It aired on July 31, 2015 as a one-hour finale along with Finally (1).


It's the end of another school year, and everyone is planning their future and some improv prom planning has been done, and all the drama is unfolding

Main Plot

Drew agrees to help Dallas salvage prom, but ends up in a final confrontation with Ms. Pill when she tries to make him an example of what will happen to future students who break her rules.

Sub Plot

Imogen has managed to win Jack back, but her happiness is short lived.

Third Plot

Clare is still unsure of her future plans, including where she stands with Eli.

  • This episode is named after "Finally" by Ce Ce Peniston.
  • Graduation occurred for the Class of 2014 in this episode.
  • Adam has a memorial video dedicated to him.
  • This episode marks the final appearances of the Class of 2014, Jack Jones, and Eli Goldsworthy.
  • This episode marks the beginning and the end of Imogen and Jack's second, and final, relationship.
  • Becky will be going to The University of Vermont and get a degree in Biology, Alli will be going to Cambridge University to get a degree in Bio Sciences, Dallas will be going to Japan to play for the Nippon Paper Cranes, Connor will go to Cal Tech to get a degree in Applied Physics and Aerospace, Clare will be taking a gap year, Jenna will be going to Los Angeles School of Recording Arts for a degree in Sound Engineering, and Imogen will be going to OCAD's Faculty of Art.
  • Drew also graduated with the Class of 2014, but his plans for the future were never stated at the time.

  • "Afterglow" by John Charles Fiddy and Simon Holland
  • "Tonight's The Night" by Nate Poetics feat. G-Block
  • "Happy Call" by Thrust
  • "Feel Good" by GOLDHOUSE
  • "Clap Hands Say Samba" by Steve Cabuso
  • "Slow Down" by Twice Young
  • "Our Last Song" by Dominique Fricot
  • "Hero" by Family Of The Year
  • "Whoa California" by Janie and the Studs (instrumental)