George is an American musician in an indie band called Flashing Midnight. He was Jane Vaughn's love interest in Degrassi Takes Manhattan. He was portrayed by Forbes March.

Character History

Season 9

In Degrassi Takes Manhattan (2), he is seen walking through New York's Central Park with his dog, Marley. He meets then Jane and starts to talk with her. He tells her that he is a band member and they are looking for a new lead singer. Next time he is seen when Jane goes on a casting. George is positively surprised by her voice, so he hires her. After that they have a performance on television.

In Degrassi Takes Manhattan (3), George and Jane are seen walking through the Central Park together. He talks about his ex-girlfriend, Siobhan, when a gramophone salesman mentions the breakup to Jane and him. He and Jane are also seen later in the Coyne's apartment at the party. Then they share their first kiss. Last time he is seen when Jane discovers that he is back together with Siobhan and she took her place in the band.


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