George Economopoulos was the older brother and father figure of Diana Economopoulos a student of Greek descent who
George E

Diana's older brother George.

attended Degrassi Junior High from 1987–1989 and Degrassi High from 1989-1991. George Economopoulos was portrayed by Nick Stamiris.

Character History

Around 1979, his father died and he took over his duties of raising the family, including helping his mother who didn't speak English and raising his younger sister. He was very strict and old-fashioned. He didn't give Diana much freedom or let her make her own choices and had her attend Greek school on the weekends (much to her dismay because she wanted to be normal like all her other friends). Sometimes his sister would have to lie to him saying she would be spending the night over at their cousin Irene's house so that he wouldn't know she would be going to parties or simply hanging out late with her friends.

Degrassi High: Season 1

In Little White Lies, he was under the impression that his sister would be spending the night sleeping over at their cousin Irene's house; he was told this so he wouldn't know that she was instead going to a party at Melanie Brodie's house. That afternoon he was home earlier because of a work schedule change and he was furious when he received a phone call from his sister's school and finding his sister was smoking, so he grounded her for the weekend. That evening, before he went to work, he thought his sister wasn't feeling well and that she went to bed early for the night. That was until later he received a phone call at work from his mother who was worried sick when she couldn't find Diana anywhere at home. So he left work early and they asked her cousin and forced her to reveal that she was at a party. He went to the party and embarrassed Diana in front of all of her friends, talking to her as if she were a little kid. Later that night at home they finally had a talk and a made a deal that he would give her some more freedom if she agreed to keep going to Greek school and quit smoking.